Weekly mission 3

So what ark you think it’ll be this time as the prize ?

I betcha it’s gigawyrm or whatever it is

Actually, I don’t bet and I don’t know but yeah


Gigarock, excuse me.

It can also be Guardiron. Matches destructor, for sure, but then again the Necromancer was not after Meowzard.

What’s a gigarock?


First of all…Just saw that frost ninja…what was it…snowja?..and I think a Snowja+Flamogun fusion would be SICK…just like a Vegitiger/voltiger/fireheart/coldheart/skywolf/astroleon fusion.

Second…I want that purple tri-dragon dude. What is its name?

Third…thanks. Not a huge fan of gigarock, but it’s alright…

Purple “tri-dragon” is Triphoon. Very good monster and should be coming fairly soon, along with Terrorfish, Guardiron, Mandaroot, and a few others. 


Looking forward to it!

Thanks a lot for the info. :slight_smile:

I am not letting triphoon get away from me haha. Er, even though I have it already…

^You could always donate it.

I think there’s this guy called Tiberius who reaaaaallly wants one.

Edit: Wheee, 100th post!

If I could, I would, since I have no use for it on that savefile.

On the other hand, if I could transfer it to my other savefile, I will have to be greedy and keep it :stuck_out_tongue:

Darn. If only trading existed, eh? Then I could trade for a nice S Frostjack…

You know, people always get surplus of the stuff they already have. So many S or A Skullwraiths…no S or A Frostjacks…

Its not possible for the admin to switch ark’s between profiles like in geomon ?

If an admin did that for me, everyone will bombard them with their own requests.

So it’s better not to do it for anyone.

But u’m saying is it even possible ? I dnt see how would it be

What about a golden egg which only has unreleased arks?

That way you will see a heap of new arks in PVP and not a heap if the same one

MOD EDIT: no double posting please

^Nah, that egg would be too good.

How so? It would add varity to PVP. Personally I would like it.

Arks are data. If it’s possible to ‘catch’ arks it would be possible for the admin to simulate that adding of data (considering they made the game, they must know how). Besides, the real reason why they wouldn’t allow trading is it would let cheaters spread hacked mons everywhere.