Thanks giving special ?

I was thinking , that we should have a thanks giving special , like a ark give away like blue cub , or a special recipe of some ark that we can fus , or a ark we can buy with a certain amount of gold :slight_smile: just a thought because this will be our FIRST THANKSGIVING on our way :slight_smile:

What you fello ark hunters think ? Lets make it happen !!

Lets make this happeni vote in! Whydon’t we get a free starter egg which we can choose?

I think maybe the weekly mission will change to something festive, but if it not, maybe add in a quick and fun quest with a normal egg reward I think that’s fair.

What about an arkadian egg like at the start of the game where you there are hatchling in there?

Freebies? Nah.

A special event? Yes please.

Random new ark in wild one day limited ?

i agree with kaza.

freebie would be kinda lame but something like a special event + the normal OM would be nice. doesn’t need to be big, doens’t need to be hard. just an extra special :slight_smile:

Yess totally agree

I really like OXambi’s idea. A one day only catchable arkadion. Maybe putting it somewhere unknown, and the only thing we know is the region (desert, mountains, forests, caves…). Then we create a thread where we discuss about the possible location and share the right spot when we find it.

agree with Oxambi aswell! perfect idea 

I think it shouldn’t bein one place I think there needs be monsters that spawn all over that are rare so you can’t just farm one spot knowing your going to get it eventually.i think It should be so like you can be walking anywhere and can find it but it’s rare.

Yes just like this , thats perfect . Wish this can happen! Dnt want to just have our first thanksgiving together to just pass with no special

A turkey arkadion please

I will catch one million even if it was a 0.00000000000000001% spawn rate

don’t even doubt me

In all seriousness, sounds good. I really love special events, but in that case, we might as well celebrate Hanukkah as well. It begins today here (27.11.2013), and Thanksgiving starts only one day after.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday… Hanukkah is not. It’s a Jewish holiday, and while many celebrate it in the USA, others celebrate it in different countries.

I would recommend doing both, but I’m not sure how to do it. They are legitimately one day apart. And the first day of Hanukkah already ended in some countries. So…

If this feature isn’t implemented (it’s sort of a close call, y’all) then we better start discussing Christmas haha

Hahaa yea i totally agree though with hanukkah and thanksgiving celebrating both will amazing turky arks lol , but its prolly to last minute for this to even happen or even design any special ark who knows they do have a hours to get it done … But if anything yes we should start discussing about Christmas . Just so we can make she it really happens … & dont have it as last minute as this one … ( should of thought of it days ago )

What I’m worried about is if some people will be offended by celebrating Hanukkah and Thanksgiving together. They are totally different holidays.

Why would they , we can easily Separate the two

Well, I don’t know, but you can never be too careful.

Best start to brainstorm about Christmas now - I think it may be too late, unless they planned it early.

Facts Facts , & yes i’ll definitely be brainstorming