Cheater using kamiwyrm, and the best part of it is...

I WIN the battle, to all cheaters out there now this; cheating and still lose!? SHAME on you

No need to brag , the cheaters dnt cheattt to just own everyone in pvp because if they really wanted to they can by just using a hak that one hit kills your whole team … Alot of cheaters just cheattt cuz they dnt have the money to get stuff or have time to actually get it

fyi i am not defending the cheaters

I don’t think they’ll be hacking to one hit kill the whole team :). There are limits to what hackers can do out there, especially with the security of this game. 

Either way, cheating is illegal and against the rules and these cheaters will be banned after the update. But congratulations on beating one :slight_smile:

You sir are a master.

I am not bragging, I just post this so:

  1. If a cheater come to this forum, and most likely at least one come, they know that using cheat is really ruining everyone’s game and at least know shame

  2. Encourage non cheater that the cheater are actually very beatable

  3. Ok, i do want to brag a bit, after pawned by them before i got my line up, i feel some accomplishment

I do Not hate cheating if it is an OFFLINE game, like console game or any game that do not have online feature, but no matter what the reason, bringing cheat to online game is really messes with everyone’s game and I resent that alot

Another topic: do the cheater have someway to always get bonus action? I believe bonus action capped at 4 but I just got 5 times bonus hitted by #someone with all S rank# in PVP

Noo they do not but they do have a hack that does 3k dmg practically 1 hit ko

Are you sure there’s a damage hack? I highly doubt it… 

Really? I believe the damage is capped at the target monster hp, as for pvp omegawyrm max hp is 1896 (at lv 75), maybe its niot 1hko, but enchanced attack like no guard + dracobane vs 3x dragon or beastbane that it actually 1hko, destructor easily 1hko the 3 wyrm line up at full hp

Showdown too

But if say something like kentucky 1hko a full hp omegawyrm, than that 1hko cheat is out there

If stats work like DIB then if I recall correctly the value of the stats is species wide so a hacker with 1 hko full hp omegawyrm vs another omegawyrm = two monsters vs each other with the same stats (plus since PVP automatically makes them same level, rofl). xP Then it would depend on game interpretation.

But not to worry, the vast population of what you call hackers are really just people without adequate intelligence to change a lightbulb and whose entire PVP skill set and ability to create allpowerful monsters involve tapping a button and praying.
Why would a hacker even bother with PVP, do you think, if they were able to generate any load of arks with ultimate power? If they could generate any ark, then they wouldn’t need to PVP. LOGIC.

They can’t do anything except generate a bunch load of S grades by tapping a button and are likely sharing a S kamiwyrm savefile which is likely why you are seeing S Kamiwyrms. There are no mystical powers they are equipped with, when the update rolls around they’re going to be banned.

(But I personally think they shouldn’t be banned, I should think that they are allowed to PVP against 99 level 999999 S grade Kamiwyrms: science)

I am digging that last part

An infinite loop of Kamiwyrms, never quite beating the hackers, but never quite letting them win either…

I like your style Sita

Well played

Kamiwyrm = Karmawyrm

Y’all just made my day.

Congratulations tmkhaled, by the way. ;> 

Congratulations!You are really skillful!~~

Just did a pvp and the gu has pretty much every 12 star possible S rank! When is this update coming? Its hard to keep a consistent streak when these teams are becoming more and more common

I believe there are only five 12 star monsters in the game, so unless the hacker found a way to put two of the same monsters in his team, some of his monsters must have been less than 12 stars. But I get your point there

He had four i believe? I dont know all the names bur, kamiwyrm, omega, destructor, vegitiger or whatevs.

Kamiwyrm, omega, destructor are 12 star monsters the other two are guardiron and cyrowyrm I don’t think they could have gotten them they r not released yet

Just for announcemental purposes, I am going to add to this that the only ha ck for this game is one that involves gold, however it is fully possible for several people to work together nonstop to get a Kamiwyrm very quickly, I have seen it done. Then they pass out the save file and then you have 50-100-1000 people all with the same set of monsters. That’s how they are hacking. And for the record, if you take destructor into pvp and use Dracobane against a lineup of 3 dragons, at full hp, it will 9/10 times kill them in one hit.

Vegy isnt a 12 start monster

That’s one of the issues that the admins have to deal with: one of my Kamis was gotten a different way - not pvp - which your admin is already aware of.  I don’t envy the admins one bit for the amount of time patching this stuff is going to take.

Anyway, it would be constructive to ask people who have fought Kamiwyrm whether the hacker had other PVP exclusives like Strato/stratowyrm.

If they did, then yes the solution you offer makes sense.

If they didn’t, then neither my solution nor your solution makes sense. There is no incentive to ruin PVP if you already have all the PVP rewards, this is why I think that all the Kamis people have faced are a single leaked Beta savefile with either gradebooster or no gradebooster.