Game Center user name of a hacker. Run into him twice so far. Counted bonus actions for him in the second game and it was almost 50. He wiped out pretty much my whole team with a barricadus… Basically if I see him again I might never play this game again…

cheaters will be taken care of in the next update. wow 50 bonus actions…

Lol yeah 50 is crazy , im surprised ur team survived 49

I don’t think I would survive the torment of ten bonus actions, honestly speaking…,., Bonus actions usually drive me mad lol

1 or 2 bonus actions don’t really bother me… 3 is annoying, 4 I’m about to throw my phone, 5 my phone breaks on impact

Exactly how I feel… More so when it’s an empowered charcolynx lol!

Or just a Stego!!

wait, this might be a dumb question but…how do you tell someones gamecenter name for random matches?

Apparently if you go to Game Center and go to “Players”, it shows the most recent players you fought. Though it seems to not work sometimes.

It’s kind of sketchy, sometimes I can get it to refresh my mode current match but other times I can only see a match that occurred 15 minutes ago. I can put together screen shots if ya’ll wAnt and we can post it? Just let me onoe