Charcalynx, Gold Purchase

I don’t have Charcalynx but i know that the bonus is referred to every monster that Charcalynx kills, not those killed by you other Arkadions.

What level is your Charcalynx at?

That ability only triggers if charcalynx killed an enemy ark i think…

Played against someone with one yesterday in pvp. And he * me. What he did was stun my team / haste his own team over and over and over and just had him keep picking off my team one monster at a time with his charcalynx. He was using gremknight and some other green turtle like dinosaur looking dude who had a 100% stun that didn’t kill him In the process.

…again, these strategies are possible to beat. Geez.

the charcalynx is lvl 99 in pvp 75…so well if i have to kill at least 1 monster with it to get him beasty its fine…

what about the gold purchase thing?

thanks for your help =)

greets shinji

The gold purchase only happens on one save file

So you have to purchase the same amount three times for all three files and it worked like this on DIB

He destroyed me a while ago ahah i couldnt move, he stuns 100% and kill every arkadion with charcalynx , he killed omegawyrm with one move , barricadus with one move and metallo too, and he did at least 12 bonus actions lol … What the …?

For the gold it only goes to the files u have made. Ex: I made two files and bought 200 gold on file 1, I would also get 200 gold on file two, but not on file three because I never started it.