Challenge 3 Team Help

Evolve Soulstealer… Fl: Soulstealer, se protector with some potions, se thrower for one on One, als galliodrake for fast stun…
U get death sentence all and a strong sleep All as soon as u evolve soulstealer.
The Rest of ur Team u should ns Build around him. U should also Evolve one Monster with One on One Skill to make Sure that death sentence all kills the enemys before Soulstealer get killed… For the Rest of ur Team u should use stunbombs and protectors, are u able to build up the rest on ur own ?:smile:

Instead of gallio use a 400 sec bomb so you kill 8 people

I really want to evolve soulstealer but i dont have the last material for it. the only place ive seen where i can get it is challenge 3. is there a way to beat it with my current team? or another way to get the Omegamid?


This is an impressive list of monsters after 1 week of playing

Thanks, I bought some gems right off the bat and got pretty lucky with with x10 eggs.

U can also replace gallio with warca, like this u have 4 kills by soulstealer, and afterwards 4 kills with warca… too bad that u don’t have frostrider…

i still only have Dreadghoul :frowning: havent been able to final evolve him yet :frowning: . If i get frostrider how do I use him and where to place? 


oh one more thing, who should i use potions on? or at least prioritize? 

If u get frostrider u can use following fl
Dreadghoul, se protector, frostrider, warca. Last slot of ur Team stun entrance healer, 5. Place gallio
But Frostrider is a Limited se… Maybe he comes back in an event

Yeah I finally beat Challenge 1 but 2 and 3 are impossible…in the second one all my mons are 1 shot before I even get a turn.