Team Placement Help

Hi, could anyone please help give me some advice on how I should place my monsters in my team? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

You can do a SS based team with SoulStealer, Skyther, Give Turn light butterfly and the yeti. Just go Death Sentence all, 1on1 and GT --> sleep all and wait. Once u got that u can put some stun/support for SoulStealer and Bahamuz (maybe paired with the epic dinosaur with throw and bloodcrave. Put a TwinKiller inbetween to kill some stunabsorbers protectors. So something like the frontline i told you, then give turners, twinkiller, leobolt, stun burst bahamuz and throw guys, you can try this, let me know if you need further explanation :smiley:
Also try to evolve your monsters, it’s really crucial

If it’s team advice you’re after then the social subforum has a rate/build my team thread where you can get advice from top level players. You can get to it through the link at the top of the page

Though it is a bit inactive :confused:

The top players like to cherrypick who to help.

Oh yeah that’s the team I’m running right now with Soulstealer. Also most of the monsters aren’t ultraevolved yet since I just did the summoning 20 times today. I haven’t tried Bahamuz yet so thanks for the advice!