Catching arkadions

Some people get frustrated when they only have 1 shot at throwing a card and missing it like:
Ohhh ohhh Galey finally!!! Throws 2nd sliver card 97% fail.

So my suggestion is this let players be able to throw multiple cards to capture the arkadions they really want/need.

I’d be fine with an option that allows players to use any number of cards that increase in price.

So…the first silver card costs x…second one costs 2x…third one costs 3x…and so on.

I think that would be a great idea with the increased costs!

I agree that if the percentage is over 80% the card should not really fail. Il talk to Ryan about and see what he thinks. 

Well… there’s a percentage for a reason. If you’re going to make 80%+ guaranteed might as well take out percentages altogether.

But I like this idea.

I would LOVE this idea. I always get pissed when I find a good arkiadon and I fail to capture.

This!! If u could do it for free then u get the fun out of grinding…

Gambling sliver lol :smiley:

I agree but (at least in the case of the gold cards) the cost should not increase after a blocked capture. It’s bad enough on when I forget and end up having to spend 200 gold but 300

If its only silver it isn’t a bad thing but with the gold indeed altough if u tried it several times like 5 times then the price would go up.

I don’t think that it’s very likely that a gold card card would fail 5 times