What's your tactic to increase catch rate?

I tried to catch Levi, but with 35% catch rate, I could only catch 1 out of 4. I used to poison them to reduce hp but my cactus-like monster has evolved (can anyone tell me how to get it again??) ?

Any suggestion?

Have lots of level 99 monsters and beat the game. And use the 1,500 card, silver is too easy to get anyway. That’s about all I can tell you, other than, of course, weakening the monster. 

To catch lower leveled arkadions, you might want to take a Seaspine with you. Seaspines have a good passive that deal small damage to whatever attacks it. It’s very good for weakening rare, low leveled arkadions.

Another thing you can do is take a really low level monster in that can be used to weaken the enemy monster. Now, if it’s a rare monster, you’ll likely have to do many fights and you might get that monster leveled up too far to where it’s too strong to weaken the enemy. So you put it in the 4th position, and put a monster that can commit suicide in one of the first three positions. Then once you find your monster to catch, sacrifice a monster and the low level can come out. Weaken and catch. 

I do as Ashley does, with a weak monster at first drop, and a suicidal one in my front line. The other two in my front line are just very strong, so I can kill off anything I don’t want.

In addition, it’s worth having a stunning monster in your front line, as some will kill themselves before you get a chance to catch them (have had this happen to me with a cherub, and with an S ranked plasmodious (I wanted an S plasmorex). So I have a stormfox or similar in my front line, as it can stun arkadions, preventing them from killing themselves, and also removing it from the line, so a weaker one can come in and weaken my target.

A stun arkadion is a very, very good idea. I haven’t thought of that one.