catching arks

ok! why do we have to catch arks on the first try? Reason im asking cuz I was farming and I finally encountered an ashie. I didn’t wanna use the gold catch cuz the silver catch was 87% a good percent so I take it but ashie broke free -_- so i was force to kill it with fire. Im just wondering why can’t we have another chance to catch arks? I guess to give it more of a challenge…I don’t know…


If I were to take a guess, it’s because it costs 150 or 1500 silver for a “chance”. And silver is so abundant, you would just need to keep throwing the silver ones, and you would eventually capture every monster at rank S that way. This way it is now makes it more strategic.

Im not saying i want multiple chances to catch an ark i just want atleast 2 chances to catch one thats all, but i do understand your point though :slight_smile:

Because it’s mean to try to force a poor arkadion into an arkstone

The least you can do is let it free if it refuses to stay bro

Just kidding, I’m making terrible jokes lately. 

For future references, you can also take a seaquill/seaspine along with you. They usually survive until a dragonling shows up and they deal steady damage to it. but DON’T wait until its down so low the next hit might kill it - check the catch rate every time. And don’t let the dragon kill the seaquill/seaspine or a passive may kill it. 

hmmm…yes yes indeed the jokes do suck lol

anyways…that’s a good idea with the seapine, might try it. I come across another ashie few hours later and i got so its all good for now lol