Multiple Capture Chances

Hi I’ve been meaning to do this topic a while ago but forgot because i was busy so the title is pretty self explanatory, but incase you don’t get it here is what I’m saying.

So i know alot of people have found that great ark you really want, and at very high percents such as high 90’s and you miss it. In games like pokemon you can throw pokeballs to your hearts content and since this is kinda like pokemon i don’t get why we only get 1 chance and it wouldn’t cause a unbalance because you have to FIND the ark first and if you spend a whole week spending hours everyday and finally find something just to lose it at 97% i think its unfair so i don’t get why not have multiple chances

Yeah I never understood that either… I would love multiple chances to catch an arks once you find it.

I third this decision… One chance to catch an Ark is only a money ploy, trying to get you to use 100 gold for a 100% capture. I dont see ANY problem with multiple chances, you have to find the ark in the first place, and are using silver anyways! 

Yup, that’s true. I think with multiple chances it should have slightly depreciated chance of success. Like, you start at 97%, then 92%, then 82%… so that people don’t just spam ark stones on arks with full HP or something. Then, if you lower it’s HP, this depreciated value is reset, so that if you still are having trouble after a ton of chances you can try again (although that’s extremely unlikely)

Probably one of the few things I don’t like about Hunter Island

Well, if you level up, your catching rate does increase. And there is payback.

But I generally agree with either Daigonite’s idea or the idea of increasing the money spent. First time is 100 silver, the second time is 200 silver, the third time can either be 300 or 400, and the fourth could either be 400 or 800. Basically x2 or +100 - and the catch rate stays the same throughout.

Yeah, I agree completely.

I fully agree with the idea and the extra silver cost for each extra try. Maybe double the cost each time?

I (6th?) this.

The silver cost is a good idea too.

Yeah an increase in Silver is a must 

That would be fine by me, now we just need to get the devs to see this, and it would be fair to raise price