Catch ventowyrn and other wyrn

Hi, I already hunt a ventowyrn and a gaiawyrn during missions but it was impossible to catch them… Do you know where and when I will be able to find them?

You find their first forms around Agramis (in the few steps north of it). They’re very rare, though. Make sure to bring your patience with you when you go there.

I’ve got the water and air ones but can’t seam to find the others

Im still searching too though ppl say north but do they mean near the water ? Or the mountains? or just the path or the grass?

I’m searching for them too!
could be a bit more specific to where you found them?

Unfortunately not, kay-zi. We’re only supposed to give out so much, ya know? We want people to challenge themselves and look for the rarities by themselves, not just rely on information given by a wiki or the betas, which is also why we haven’t released the wiki yet.

In a few weeks we’ll launch the wiki, though, so stay tuned if no one founds out about them til then. :>

Good luck, everyone! You’ll need it.

When is the wiki coming out ?

They mean DIRECTLY north of Agramis. First step north is one dragon, second step is another, etc. There’s 4 Wyrms.