List of Dragons? (Capturing 21)

Hi, I’ve captured 19 of the 21 required for the progress quest in Agramis. I can’t seem to think of any that I haven’t caught already (sans two hatchlings). Does anyone have a list of dragons that I could use to make sure there aren’t any I’m missing before I begin my hatchling grind? Thanks!

Omegawyrm (fusion)

Typhonwyrm (fusion)

Magmawyrm (fusion)

Angelon (fusion)

Subzeratops (egg)

Cryowyrm (future mission)

Leviathan (from Levi) - catchable

Hydrowyrm (from Bluey) - catchable

Searex (from Seabite) - catchable

Hydrablazer (future mission)

Vulcaraptor (from Lavaraptor) - catchable

Pyrowyrm (from Ashie) - catchable

Stegotops (from Stegy) - catchable

Bouldon (from Clubby) - catchable

Blazewing (from Flamewing) - catchable

Pterosoar (from Pteroling) - catchable

Georex (from Rexy) - catchable

Raptorex (from Pearex) - catchable

Pyroviper (from Sizzler) - catchable

Skullrex - catchable

Ventowyrm (from Galey) - catchable

Gaiawyrm (from Leafy) - catchable

Mechadino (fusion)

Plasmorex (fusion)

Necrodrake (quest reward)

Arkwing (quest reward)

Greenking (PvP reward)

Naga (PvP reward)

Stratowyrm (PvP reward)

Sledgeskull (from Thickskull) - catchable

Spinoflame (egg)

Stegospike (egg)

Frillzeon (egg?)

Osiriswyrm (future mission?)

Gigarock (future mission)

Cyberwyrm (future mission)

Infernowyrm (egg)

Triphoon (future mission)

Kamiwyrm (fusion)

Titanwyrm (future mission)

Orbling (PvP reward)

I can confirm that Frillzeon is obtained from an egg.  Did you have the “?” because you were unsure?

Darn looks like I either need an egg or to farm one spot for a long time…

And I think you forgot orbling.

Yes, I put “?” because of being unsure. And yes, I forgot Orbling. It’s just so… not dragon-like, that I didn’t even check it! 

Lol it makes the kamiwyrm and I think it’s cool wish it had its own evolution outside of kami

I was just wondering what is the prize for capturing 21 dragons?

I believe a music score

How do you get arkwing? I killed the one in the quest and didn’t get it

You get it from the 101 unique Arkiadons quest.

Where is pterosaur

I think I killed Necro drake but didn’t get it as a quest reward. Do I have to do anything to get one?

You have to get 30 different arkadions to lvl 99.

99* :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, that was a typo. Thanks for catching it!

Do evolutions count? I know they dont in 101 ark quest

No, only separate evolution families count or I would have got the musical score a while ago. Fusions do count since they are treated as separate evolution families

That turtle starter is a deagon too. Brakie or somthin

Hello to all. I wanted to know where I can find the dragons very strong … those from fusion, for example … thank you

Is this what you were after?