Can we talk about how oppressive poison has become

Titan, pola, cobra, gorgo with poison entrance next in line follow up by S+ monsters spamming. How often have we seen this combination? This team is so unstoppable and its success can be proven by the number of players that got Top 10 from previous few seasons.

The truth is poison has imo become so aggressive and oppressive at the same time that it has come to a point where it is unbearable and I even considered it worst than the case of lemon.

Poison hard counters sleep, shield, stealth basically all the strategies and to top it off is insanely fast. Poison was already very strong in the past but was held back by how slow it requires for the team to get going but obviously that is not the case in current meta. There is just no drawback to run poison and the payoff is big. Those that aren’t prepared basically got half their team chewed before they could do anything unless they have bastia/y draig in their team. I couldn’t think of any other better counters not even with cyclo/glaciaron/draco or regalion/orca.

Just want to hear opinion from others especially players that don’t have a big collection and what would be the ideal proposal if poison is really deemed too oppressive.


Poison is strong. Generally it counters everything.


Even Roaring entrance can be delayed with a HG mon dying with a poison tick.

There’s not a lot of downside to it tbh. I can see why it’s popular among some players.

I’m not an expert about the game in general, I always run glaciaron FL for those poison FL, and even having him is not guaranted that I will have a chance against poison FL with Santicstag or musashoid, but one solution proposed in the past was to give toxic entrance a tu restriction, like 50 or 100 TU, that would make them unviable in frontline but personally I don’t have to much problems with poison in general, is strong but not broken imo.


Add in scarl too
There’s also camo FL which counters it but not very reliably
Have to admit that it’s so far off from other archetypes that it just doesn’t make any sense why it’s this oppressive


It pains me to say this, but I agree: poison got a bit too consistent in the early game, and a (short) tu restriction on Toxic Entrance is the perfect solution. I have no clue what I’ll play if that happens, but I’ll figure something out. Vulcaroth maybe?

My only request is not to nerf Nectareon beyond a tu restriction, as the strategy really needed a viable Super Epic sweeper that doesn’t depend on SOLO. Counters are plenty as well, so I hope that’s not the direction the devs go for this once.


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Wait what? Why searguard didn’t got turn before asmodia in the first match?

This is gonna be controversial but I think a huge offender here is Freezecobra.

Titan+Freezecobra+Polaboss is a very powerful combo that allows two 80+% speed Detox Strikes, which means two extremely high speed kills. Auto Poison All+Stun Absorber is huge support too! If he isn’t there, then the job is waaaaaay easier.

@Pashoa Hold Ground poison tick glitch

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Yeah, that happens because of the poison tick, he kill one with HG.

It’s bug. Basically if a monster dies to poison tick it doesn’t get a turn immediately.

I like it personally as Roaring Entrance has always been quite oppressive.

@DevilsMisfortune in this thread be like


This is more accurate I think.


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In my experience, my poison teams have either wiped the floor with the opponent or I’ve been almost completely denied from the first turn. Dracorosa, Glaciaron and Scarleguard are super punishing as well as Y’Ddraig.

I think the case of poison is that it got a little too strong and was ‘balanced’ by releasing even stronger and faster counters. Without those specific counters, the strategy is indeed quite oppressive.

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Lots of respect to someone who admits a team or Archtype they run could need looking at.


Good to see ya around the forum @Z19_Bagorah

Auro and I are always on board for nerfing poison.

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I’m glad im not the only one with this concern i already DM @Dev_VKC about this. The issue in that FL imo it’s neither Pola or freez or the toxic entrance the real issue is Gorgodrake because the high speed one shots by Pola and Freez are not enough to decide a match by themselves but are enough to get rid of Gorgo’s possible counters (camo dracorosa voidress etc) and then is when the strategy becomes truly unbalanced because gorgo starts double sweeping at 50 TU and the only way to stop it at that point its a roaring entrance toxic killer (Y Draig and Chromera) which it’s not perfect because it has DR so you will still lose one more monster leaving Avieronix as the best counter for it but the problem it’s that most teams can’t afford to waste 10 cost with the single purpuse to counter that specific strategy


Both poison and its counters got quite powerful last 2 years (mostly 2019), but I think it was pretty much in line with power creep itself. Besides Goch, that guy just shouldn’t exist.

Toxic Entrance is the only problem I think. It allows the poison player to use high speed Detox Strike to clear up for the heavy sweepers, but the sweepers themselves are 65- speed, which is still slower than most front line in meta, so not problematic.

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