Buff ultima

Buff him he desperately needs it he is too weak and easy to kill the only reason I use him is becauseof his deth revenge his moveset is similar to Galileo,Galileo got a buff so why not him

It’s already mentioned many times and devs should’ve noticed it by now.they are slowly buffing the oh mons

I believe next should be novadrake

Many of us. Had mentioned the same thing. But no response yet. :v

Maybe in the next update

You want a buff for Novadrake? Really?

About Ultima, he’s basically an alternative to Galliodragon. Very similar movesets but different approaches.

I would like that Ultima received unmovable in some form, that would be enough of a buff imo. Perhaps it could be added as an active skill somehow?

@RIOK for the future if you start a buff thread it would also be more productive if you actually had buff ideas for him instead of just saying “it needs a buff”.


I sec nova buff pls it’s to weak

Also ultima needs a buff in favor of stats he is to weak and easily killable

If anything, Novadrake will get a nerf! Never in a million years I would have thought someone wanted to buff it…

And mate, Ultima already has tanky stats…

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Say that to PVP teams that I have faced

All I want is that he has timestike instead of stun flash he will be more useful that way cuz most of the time he will be out of the play bcz of 250tu

Ultimadragon should definitely be buffed but with care, I don’t want another Stun Immunity monster to be top tier.
I think he should get a faster move instead of Ultranova (All). Something like Dragonslayer (effective against dragons), after all he is the ultimate Dragon.

If we REALLY want to get quirky, maybe also something like Death Flash, Stun Flash+Death Sentence All. That way you are really forced to kill it or knock it back before a while.

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The thing is that a lot of players have it so the thing is that dev’s won’t be able to make profit out of it so giving it something that good would be impossible. so let’s be logical the best thing we can do is to give him timestike instead of stun flash

Stun Flash is useful though, if anything get rid of Ultranova. Moves like Stun Flash are super useful in PvE, where you already know the enemy team/the enemy team is made randomly so you can find Stun openings. Also, it has Death Revenge, so bonus points for PvE. Timestrike is useless in PvE and not very useful in PvP (Ultimadragon has mediocre attack).

Also, I think the Devs do care for underused monsters, Raizen has been blessed with Time’s Up this July and Terragar has been made more viable as it’s not dependant on entrance anymore and can counter OoO. Those are monsters that were (and still are) accessible from Rare Eggs.

Changing one single move to revitalise a monster has been done, while I agree it’s unlikely they’ll invent a move ad hoc for Ultimadragon, it would definitely be a nice way to buff it.

Yeah, l agree with Interference.

Timestrike would be terrible for Ultimadragon as he doesn’t even have viable stun to set himself up. It’s also against the design of the monster. It’s meant to survive for 300 sec for Double Survivor to activate. Stun flash, tanky stats and Swift Cannibalize actually help it achieve that goal but if you look at Stratustrike for example, reaching 300 sec without dying is much more reliable because it’s easier to skip time with one on one and it can use second wind and shield self to stay alive.

The hardest counter for Ultima as of now is definitely repulse/knockback so Ultima would benefit greatly from something that prevents it from being disrupted.


Nah the hardest counter for ultimate is him being a deadweight for an eternity

Exactly he becomes dead weight so quickly its bad

After the mid portion of pve ultima is really not that good

Agreed but if you take a look at gallic and then ultima there is not much difference there accept from the desperate yet gallio does so much better even after desperate all

Also let’s say gallio and ultima moveset is same gallio can tank a lot of shots bcz of his ability while ultima would be dead in minutes

The payoff is big when you manage to activate Double Survivor though. Stun immune dual sweeping. However, I recognise that there are a lot better choices for this type of sweeping than Ultima.

The stat buff when high HP on Gallio can be great against non blood move crits but against blood moves it doesn’t help. The only thing that makes Gallio tank more is basically HG and Ultima has DR so it wouldn’t work for him. Basically DR is what makes the enemy hesitate to kill Ultima if they don’t have PK.

Gallio is also a dead weight when waiting for Double Survivor at least for one turn and is disruptable like Ultima. Also no stun immunity.

What I’m trying to say is there are still situations where you’d pick Ultima over Gallio so at least the situation for Ultima isn’ that bad. But for sure he’s outdated and could use some fresh moves or passives.