Stun aoe rework

Ok so I’ll fix this now:

Can we get stun flash reduced to 150 tu? Stun wave and flash are both 250 base, but given how much better wave is (and the fact nova has it at 60s) I’d say flash could be reduced. Even 200 would be nice. @Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC and yes this time it’s fact checked. Link stun flash I instant and so is stun blitz so there’s no reason it should be 250 tu at all. That more or less makes it redundant

Who has 100s stun wave?

Heavenswyrm I believe

I do agree

Heavenswyrm has 250s stun wave.

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Ok yea I’ll fix that

Ultima also have stun flash I think it should be given stun wave as well it will be a good buff

Well what monsters do have flash? As far as I’m aware it’s geartyrant, ultimadragon, galliodragon and well that all I can think of actually. I guess that just shows how old and redundant it is now. It’s totally outclassed by stun wave, show of power, and all the instant and link versions of itself

Yup,most stun mons now just have single stun mostly

It’s 160TU on Bulbieboom. It’s only 1TU as a secret skill.

To be honest, stun doesn’t need a buff right now and I think stun flash is nicely balanced. Stun wave was given to Heavenswyrm as a buff because the monster needed more power.

Stun flash isn’t a threat though. Most other skills are I just want it to not be redundant