Should Ultimadragon be buffed?

So one could say this is biased as I just hatched Ultimadragon from a Rare Egg, but the more I look at it and the kin it grew up with the more I feel like this monster could indeed use, albeit small, a buff.

Ultimadragon, Galliodragon, Heavenswyrm. These were the premier Legendary Monsters that were upgraded of the SE Stun Flash/Survivor monsters. Gallio and Heavenswyrm have both been buffed in recent updates, with Stun Flash becoming Stun Wave for Heavenswyrm and both receiving Harden Carapace. As far as I can tell, Ultimadragon is the only one of those three that has not received any love since inception.

That being said, it IS a Stun Immune monster so I understand why Devs and Players may hesitate when the idea of buffing it comes up. I wouldn’t suggest anything radical, just slight modification perhaps.

Heres my thoughts:

Option 1: Stun Flash becomes Stun Wave - similar to Heavenswyrm, this gives his Stun option a bit more oomph when it actually does go off as opposed to the 100s Stun Flash it currently has.

Option 2: Bloodthirst becomes Bloodcrave. Having the low speed, currently Ultimas only option to kill is utilizing Swift Cannibalize. Bloodrcrave on a 35%ish speed monster whose only way of charging said move quickly is by killing one of its teammates is not detrimental in any way, and would give Ultima some more deadly weapons to play with instead of waiting around and using uncharged Double Survivor and Bloodthirst to pass time.

Option 3: Replacing Ultranova All with a better/lower TU move. This could be as simple as replacing said move with 70TU Slayerbane. Ultimas attack is not the most impressive so it wont one shot everything with a Slayerbane move, but it also gives it a low TU option to try to nab kills and charge Bloodthirst in a more roundabout way.

Any other thoughts and opinions are welcome! @Killerdog @Dev_VKC I am curious to your thoughts on this guys.



My possible suggestions are:

• Make it’s Stun Flash 200sec so that, when potted, it just needs to do Double Survivor once to fall just past the 300sec threshold for Survivor

• Ditch Stun Flash, and let’s return to our roots by stealing from old Galliodragon: give it a 200sec Double Stunstrike, which deals the same damage as a Double Zealous Attack but stuns two targets by 100sec each

• Give it Double Bloodthirst instead of Bloodthirst.

I’d say the most reasonable of your suggestions are number 1 and 3… The second one would just make him a Cannibalize&Go kinda monster


Heavenswyrm got healing revenge, not hardened carapace. Quite long ago it received a TU reduction to survivor too (from the standard 130TU). Just adding for accuracy.

For a long time Ultimadragon was perceived as better than Galliodragon. It comes with stun immunity, bloodthirst and death revenge. However, the stun flash is so much worse at the low speed, the attack stat is not high enough for double survivor and in PvP it’s often easy to kill off when you want to (when it’s getting close to charging survivor).

Ultimately, I think the design flaw is its reliance on time passing. Swift cannibalise was a lovely new dimension to add which makes some people use it in thlug teams but it doesn’t actually help the moveset much. In order to actually make this monster good it needs something proper to do before survivor or the design to be shifted more towards something else.

For that reason I think options 1 & 3 will not work. Option 2 is definitely on the right track but maybe pulling it too far away from the design of stun flash to pass time then double survivor for kills and bloodthirst/survivor after that.

Here’s what I would do:

  • Double survivor -> Union survivor+ (100TU), charges in 150s and requires a dragon teammate
  • Bloodthirst -> Double bloodthirst (160TU)

I think this holds true to the original design while drastically shortening the time required to pass before it can get killing. It will still have the option of both 1 and 2 enemy sweeping and swift cannibalise + double bloodthirst will pass the 150TU nicely (42 + 136) or just double bloodthirst if not potted much. I also think it being “Ultimadragon” fits with it having some dragon synergy.


I honestly love this idea and would be happy to see it implemented. Like I had said my ideas were more spitballs towards what I could see being a more viable PvP monster.

Also thanks for the correction on Heavenswyrm. I dont know why I keep thinking it got Harden Carapace, I even own and use it. Probably just because it always seems so tanky :joy::joy::joy:

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Nice ideas already! My suggestion would have been to change Ultranova(all) to Dark Bane or Dragon Strike (crits when dragon on field) and Stun Flash to Stun Wave but

this is quite mouth-watering too :+1:


I love Ultimadragon. His design is really great, but his attack and speed stats are so low… He could have some kind of piercing move, since most monsters nowadays have shields/HG. I would like if Ultranova was changed to Exorcism

This is what I thought when I saw Galliodragon… not Ultimadragon.

I’ve always hated its design. It fails to achieve what it looks like it set out to do. I’ve heard so many times from people “But it gets to live until survivor far more than you expect because people don’t want to face the death revenge”. I don’t think I’ve had any problems facing it at all except when I was completely new to the game and also died to the novablast monsters. I literally breathe a sigh of relief when I see people use it because I know I have a chance to turn the battle around.

It would be great to see it buffed. Here’s the origins of the tier list where Ultimadragon was rated S for the fact it didn’t need any support and was a good sweeper: Legendary tier list [Input needed]. It was one of the first limited legendaries.


I think by design he meant more its art style

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I didn’t read the full post but I do agree. It can’t do anything without double survivor. They should give it double Survivor plus maybe

The thing with Ultimadragon is that it only needs a minor buff when compared to other monsters in need of a buff. As for what I’d suggest, I’m inclined to favor @Killerdog’s suggestion with Bloodthirst to Double Bloodthirst, however I’d change Double Survivor to LINK Survivor+ instead of Union Survivor+.

How one player what using ultimadragon on pvp I can say he don’t need any change… it’s the better monster on my team, if someone played vs me on pvp know, remember I’m player on top pvp when i have time for play on ranked.
I only consider to put one ICON for itself

Is this actually a flex?



Hey, what if they change Ultranova into Power Slash? Or Payback Killer? Or any Killer move?

He could have Chronobreaker, but 160 TU, that way he can clean his way to use Stun Flash.

It would require an additional change: change his name from Ultimadragon to Stunlord


Maybe Ultimasterdragonlord

You start by saying it only needs a minor buff then you suggest giving it a 70TU one-shot move that charges in 150s?? I think 100TU is the lowest we should go.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your team where Ultimadragon is the best?


He uses it along with Geomagnus for entrance control fir his Lemon endgame :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Yeah, I may have slipped up there :sweat_smile:

I’ve used him many times as an important part in my team. I think he is good…but times are changing and he’s getting everyday deeper in the shadows :(. He could use a little buff to keep track of the new generation of monsters.
I liked @Killerdog 's idea btw. Cannibalise + union survivor + would do the 150 secs