Buff Sanctiguard (1684)

this monster in a certain part is good but only for his insulating field, but his active abilities are disgusting: /, I prefer a thousand times leogeist (980) than this one, I suggest they give him infinite metempsychosis instead of repulse pls

He’s way better than leogist in that aspect.

And devs won’t buff him to be close to his awakened form so…ye but still he’s plenty good in his sec form.

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Is it THAT bad? It’s offers Stun protection with no weaknesses (Leogeist has very low HP and is weak to Chrono Killer) and comboes with Survivor-like monster. Just out of curiosity, what type of team do you run it in?

Btw what does that 1684 mean?

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Probably the monster number in MonsterDex.

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What are you on about. It has no weakness like leo. It can tank water more. It’s a safer option so long as you don’t rely on stun yourself. And metawhateverthehell is already ridiculous as it is

The prequel to Orwell’s novel set three centuries before


If you are talking about 2nd form I agree that it needs a buff

Just give it HG it will still gain plenty awakened (Methempsicosis, Double Drain Survivor, Asisted AoE, Time Warp TU reduction and the Broken SS)

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I never ever imagined anyone would actually complain about sanctiguard…. Its just the perfect stun protection with some annoying skills in the hands of right player lol… don’t buff it wtf

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Sorry for the tiny-ness, but still, the point is Aethereon/Sanctiguard is fine

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■■■■ you, Lol:'v

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A lot of second form mythics are quite bad. Sanctiguard is far from the worst. I agree it could have a bit more though… there’s a lot added with the final form. Either metempsychosis or hold ground would be nice.

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I still find it pretty annoying tbh the awakened form is way annoying It’s one of the most annoying thing for me

But KD has it as D tier. It can’t be that good right?

Pretty much every mythic is great

Actually awakened persephia is so bad I’d rather run a team at 190 cost instead of placing persephia in my midgame.