Buff mistletorment no?

Hi devs,

Buff it no? First mythic ingame.

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or 2nd i guess… Kuro was first

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I have one shard missing. I’m more salty about us not getting a shrine because I was counting on it to have a proper shot at awakening him. Lesson learned I guess.

About a buff… I don’t really know how to buff him? I like his design how he is, but if you want to make him more “meta”, I guess auto protect could be turned into auto taunt.


He is fine. AP with a “dolphin bond” stats aka takes at least two critical hits from non-fire units. I don’t how people think something like that is okay. :slight_smile:

We don’t need HG+Auto Taunt ;-;

I was my first mythic actually the first monster I got was him and now have him at 3+

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Giv him dual slash with less tu(160?- +3bonus) on final form and desperate bite instead of stampede in 2nd form that way stays almost same but more usefull??

Give it Leech instead of Slash All. Make it as annoying as possible

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that would make him worse than the SE in 2nd form lol

I feel like making the SS instant overwatch would work really well on him. It would take away the durability of him, but promote more aggressive play, since he could use the instant OW into desperate chomp immediately after

Actually it would take away the current aggressive play (first turn instant lifeflip into desperate chomp) and give him more guaranteed long-term value with a better chance at 2 chomps, but also by reducing his ability to tank because you can’t lifeflip to full HP if what you want is a brick wall.

Definitely seems weaker to me.

I’ve never seen anyone be able to pull that off at least after using OW :joy:

Another thing is that instant OW would allow a first turn kb without him being unlikely to get another turn, or do slash all if you need it. Maybe it is weaker tho