If I’m paying 100 dollars of hard earned money I should get atleast one legendary, nothing has been going my way today and I was looking forward to this but I got nothing
Make 150 gem pack give you one guaranteed legendary, golly-gosh.

Wait till you just get excited to land on legendary and it’s a lovely duplicate :slight_smile:

That is not the worst.

150 gems for two new super epics only. This is called a disaster. :angry:

When you spend money to buy eggs, you do so knowing that it is a risk and a gamble.
Eggs have a limited but otherwise random outcome, and any money spent on them should be seen as a risk you’ve taken consciously. Whether that risk pays off for you, it’s just the way gambling works and at the end of the day that’s all this is.

I was a little upset yesterday, sorry about that. The game is fun but I definitely think devs should add the most expensive pack as “150 gems with 1 bonus guarantee legendary!” This would earn them more money too.

You should spin on legendary festival eggs when you have that many gems, you have more
Chances to hit legendary, i know how you feel, i spinned 150 gems and no legendary too, the i wait for a legendary festival and i got 2 great legendary, dark rider and rexo. Dont give up on the game you’re luck will turn back in your favor!

I did spin in easter festival, so did tverik, I believe.

Lol, I spun the festival egg for ataraxis once, came out with a rexo. My 3rd legendary lol and still no money spent on gems :wink:

BTW, the MOST EXPENSIVE PACK is clicking $0.99 150 times.

Don’t make it worse D: I did get athrahasis (I don’t even know how it is spelled) and tiamad after thankfully. Is tiamad good? It is basically omegawyrm but with a less cool appearance lol.

Tiamad is a good poison eater I use him

I’m currently using him with 3 different poison massacres lol it works. (need a healer in between though)

I use omegadragon over him but there’s very little difference between the two, they’re both just solid monsters.

Just omegas looks cool and tiamazus is plain old ugly

Idk if poison team is that great, its strong but when the monsters are buff its not always 1 shotting them

What is difference between tiamad and omegawyrm? I don’t see any stat differences or move differences.

Just looks. I wish they would’ve made tiamazus like ground type or something

Omegawyrm’s stats are higher, at least in the non-ultraevolved state.

I don’t see any differences?

Omega has higher stats
Here’s them both for comparison