Finally got my first legendary.

I’ve spent around $250 on this game smh. That’s a crime for only getting one legendary from all the free and paid spins.

I spent 200 and I got 3 so don’t feel bad lol

I’ve spent 10€ and got 3, but all of them from free gems, so you guys are just unlucky I guess

Keep at it, in no time at all you will have a Dolphin+4 like me.  Last biters elude me.

My roommate got 5 legendaries with free gems from regular/special/festival eggs. He started the game one month ago, and he totally spun 15 times.

Nah, it’s a good one man. It might sound crazy, but I want that and cryoling almost as much as I want a last biter. My Sentiguard has been an enormous help for me, and sanctallion and Cryokaizer are better than him in every single way.

the legendary egg statistic we’re hearing is like it’s around 3%-7& chance… I don’t know what modifier the event has on it, but it’s still pretty low.

One of these days I’ll get one… hopefully. I haven’t paid except for the $0.99 opening fee. Gems aren’t at a very good price tbh.

If you consider the fact that 1 gem = 1 refill tickets, and a gem is over a 1 and 1/3 US… and that amounts to about a half hour of playing depending on where you use the tickets, not worth buying.

Even if you’re a spinner it takes about $5 for one spin at a 3%-7% chance. ridiculous.

Other in app mall games have always had a pretty good reward rate for the dollar used, especially in regards to time vs money.

for the festival, it’s a 6% chance. 66 slots in all, 4 of them legend.