I really enjoyed this game but after passing it, it’s been boring. Only time I play is on Saturday to try to get the new monster. Idk why they don’t update it, micromon isn’t even coming out for a long time

Haha, tell me about it. PvP just don’t captivate me.

About them not updating it, they’re updating it, just not PvE. They don’t develop Micromon, either. They’re developing a new game, though, which will hopefully have more PvE stuff (you could customize your monsters’ stats by raising them differently!..)

It really is unfortunate that the developers don’t communicate better.

A once-a-week visit to the forums to say something simple like, “Thanks for your patience, we’re working hard on the update” would make all the difference.

It’s to the point the community has lost faith.

Just hang in there, bud!

It’s not I don’t like pvp, it’s just that there’s one mode and OP things so It gets repetitive

sorry for the delay after delay, we plan to submit an update to apple very very soon. however, this update is mainly for blocking cheaters from pvp, so there won’t be additional content. To be honest, we didn’t fully understand the importance of post game continuous updates/content until we organized this forum and started interacting with many of you guys to get detailed feedback. It took us nearly a year to develop 60 hours of content, not to mention 2-4 months of beta with everyone to grind out the bugs…our current system is not ideal for constant updates. The good news is we are designing our next game so that we can easily update the post game online world.  we are learning…but perhaps not fast enough  :wink:

So it’s safe to say that stego will not be nerfed next update right ? I don’t see that much hacker (I only see 4-5 continually) so as daily player who keep doing pvp 1/2hr per day, I don’t think it was the most important (I’m not saying it’s useless!), multiple Bonus action system and stego (charc) abusers annoy me much more than hackers, and probably annoy much more the new players…

I’m happy there is an update after all this time, but a little bored of the time it took this update to its content.

The same command as mine~~

well at least its coming…

I have a feeling that one of the complainers on the forum are gonna come here and quote admins post and say “How long is very very soon?” then answer the question themselves and say " oh I know never" and then im gonna get peed and others will also…

well no need to get peed off before it happens… it may never…

But tbh @admin and Ryan a weekly update would be nice I know you guys are busy and all… and I know some of you guys come on chat and all and tell us whats happening but that’s not very reliable… cuz information will get passed down to others and not get told exactly what was said and then people get annoyed and say I thought this was gonna happen when none of the admins said that. its just misread and can get mixed up through people… its kinda like that game Telephone someone says something in someones ear and they have to pass it on to the next person and the next and the next. and eventually what the person was saying gets to the end it comes out wrong. like the person says I like pie but the receiver says I like lies.  it comes out completely wrong… so IMO that is what happenes in chat.

But if someone made a thread for updates (I can do this) then everyone will see them and then we wont have so much complaints

Gibbs, they can handle it

Anyway, the reason why the anithacker update is happening first is because of all these guys that we keep coming across and they felt that it needed to be done for the sake of PVP

It’s a lot more important than you guys realize

While I’m inclined to agree with Deadpool, I must also acknowledge that the devs said “mainly” for dealing with hackers/cheaters. Now, does that mean there is additional fixes in the update?

It’s a vague statement and you can’t knock out the much needed nerf just yet. It’s possible that it will not be in this update, in which case we were misled, but until it’s expressed directly, I’m not counting it out.

again why we need an update topic so things are clarified

@dead for clarification who is they? and what can they handle?

if that has to do with the devs then idk if you know what I was saying. If they were handling it then we wouldn’t have this problem with people complaining and stuff. When they go in chat and tell people about the updates and all which we know they do cuz people say “what I heard about the update on chat was…” and only the devs could give that info. Not every one goes in chat at the same time as the devs so we don’t get the info unless its second hand. But if we made a topic on it and called it Updates on the Update then everyone gets the info first hand/ from the source.

Chat doesn’t have a history so we cant look back on what was said. But in a thread we can see when it was posted and we know the info is true…

I just don’t think the whole giving us an update on chat is a good idea for the reasons above

They can make their own thread and post it themselves, Gibbs. And they is The Devs.

They’re adults. They can handle it.

And yes, they’re notorious for being a little…incommunicado when comes to updates.

nerf is in there, so is the cap on bonus actions. 

And info on the nerf ? Is it just lower stun value?

yes, lower stun value. 

Thats gonna help a lot.(Thats not sarcasm)

Well then, color me green and call me the Hulk

Everyone should be QUITE pleased with this

It just seems that this game is brushed to the side and mainly focusing on the next game, which in my opinion kinda sucks

As Admin explained, they weren’t prepared for the interaction and how much the content was needed

They’re learning

Honestly, a clean slate on the new game will be good for everyone

I like this game but I think everyone can agree, it’s left everyone feeling…frustrated from it and the Devs have been as frustrated as you are

A clean slate will do us all some good.

Besides, why would they even bother making any updates/adjustments AT ALL if they were brushing the game aside?

Poor logic there