Bonus moves op for quest.......

Anyone feel that story and quest bosses get bonus actions way to much? Doing some of these fights ends up wiping out my whole team or my strongest monsters before I get to move. Even if I go first, it’s bonus action after bonus action… Even my monsters don’t get them that often and I’ve done my best to get rank A or S for my team. I love the game but this just makes the battles more frustrating at times than fun. Anyone else have thoughts on it? Curious to hear everyone’s opinion.

Have the exact same opinion and i hate it. People will tell you to ‘stock up’ on monsters with Stun Skin. As far as I’m concerned that helps…if you have one every 3rd party slot :-I

Put it this way, it’s over powered and unfair but you just have to live with it because it’s ‘part of the game’ and I doubt it will ever change

It seems very unbalanced and the correct answer shouldn’t be stock up on a certain type of monster. Bonus actions for story and side quest bosses should have the same percentages chance of getting a bonus action as we do. It’s discouraging to go into a big battle knowing your team might get wiped out in like 2 seconds. Not only is it frustrating, it’s annoying.

This game was meant to be somewhat tactical, provide a bit of a challenge, not to be easy and baby you through it. The bosses get a lot of Bonus Actions because you are fighting 1 monster with a team of 20-30+ monsters. Not trying to be rude, but that’s part of the challenge in game…

I’ve used strategy to beat monsters that were far harder than this. There was a quest before with three leviathans that would sometimes get 15+ bonus actions in a row. That was the hardest quest in the game for me. Ryan weakened the fights and capped bonus actions to a certain point, and it’s a lot easier now. But even when it was as hard as it was before, I used strategy and managed to win. Surely you can do it with how it is now. That’s what it’s about. Strategy.

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It’s not tactical, it’s luck. Everyone who says that seem to miss the giant problem that bosses:

  1. Can and will kill in 1 shot
  2. Have AoE attacks (coupled with point 1)
  3. Can hit 4 times in a row then do it all over again immediately afterwards thanks to the counter reset for new monsters when sent out
  4. Have tons of health anyway which is a challenge in itself

If you want bosses to be hard then give them boosted health and resistant ONLY, not the fire power on top of that, bending and twisting the game mechanics massively in their favour just because we have ‘20-30 monsters’

Let me say this:  They made some of these quests hard for a reason.

What is the average level of your team?

if you think its high enough, its not.

The developers want you to get creative with how to beat them.  Without the bonus actions, it would be silly otherwise.

The only way to handle it is by having high level arkadions and maybe stun skin.   I personally never used stun skin, I just leveled up all my arkadions until i got tired of it and went and did them.

The people who say that are ones who have beta tested it.  do you really think we would’ve let the developers put the game out without a reasonable way to beat said bosses?

Lol I’ve realised way before that its the beta testers saying this. Beta testers and a beta test hardly makes every aspect of a game perfect. Just because it’s easier than it was in the beta ( if it was harder then how you people even managed to get anywhere is beyond me) doesn’t mean it’s suitable for all.

Clearly it’s not because players have complained and I wouldn’t be telling everyone to be ‘creative’ when we have to CONFORM to either high levelled monsters (a.k.a grinding) or stun skin. I want to play the game with my OWN STRATEGY not pre-determined methods if I want to progress. Where’s the creativity in that?

Those are the methods we used. doesn’t mean there aren’t other methods that haven’t been found yet

we played this game into the ground and back again.  The rewards you get out of some of these battles should be worked for.  

Don’t throw a temper tantrum because you can’t beat something, you have to stay at it, this game was made to provide a challenge, not to be blown through in a few short hours. This game was designed for you to build a strategy to win, if you think about it, it is training you for pvp.

Some of the side quests are tough. Like, REALLY tough, but there’s a reason. I remember during testing that there was a quest I thought felt impossible and I left it to the very end until I’d finished all other quests. It was tough, yes, but I went out and collected the right arkadions for the job and I enjoyed doing it. Thinking tactically and growing a team to defeat that one quest, not only makes you a more skilled player, but it gives you a tactical advantage you wouldn’t learn otherwise. That particular quest, once defeated, granted you an incredible prize that was definitely well worth the determination.

At the end of the day it all simply comes down to this:

If you want something, you’ll work for it and you will enjoy it and have greater satisfaction for doing so.

If you simply have it handed to you on a silver platter with diamond and ruby encrusted handles served with a side-portion of gum drops on a honed mahogany bowl, you’ll not get half as much satisfaction and it’ll feel generally disappointing. (although, admittedly, the gum drops may make up for that but that’s besides the point)

Temper tantrum? Hardly. It’s called debating and I’m merely pointing out that there’s a flaw in the construction of bosses. Fair enough that you want to provide a challenge but it’s over the top in this game
Also would like to reiterate that there’s no such thing as ‘building a strategy’ here, rather trying to survive. A strategy would imply that you’re able to do it normally and I haven’t seen a boss that doesn’t ‘kill kill kill’
And PvP is a heck of a lot easier than bosses

I’m not a person who says something unless I see something seriously wrong, and I see it here. Consider my view or not, I’m clearly not the only one who has an issue with this. I know perfectly well that it’s ‘how the game is made’ but it’s over powered and I personally believe it should be reviewed

Well, I hate to say it but, the majority are quite happy with the challenge it would seem, and I don’t see it being changed so please, review my above post.

Not to be rude but find this majority for me that doesn’t consist of moderators/beta testers. So far it’s been you guys that have defended it and regular players that have complained, just saying

Again I get the challenge aspect and I’m not asking for this game to be easy but there’s a line between challenging and outrageous.

Ok, chill, it feels like you are just arguing for the sake of arguing. The developers know about this, they know about your concerns. Ultimately it is their call, and they will nerf it if they see fit.

I will admit, that the Mods/Betas have a skewed view because of the testing but this was one aspect that got a lot of debate and again, we wouldn’t put out a part of the game that we felt the average gamer wouldn’t/couldn’t beat.  

What we’re doing is suggesting the methods we used to beat these quests.  You are more than welcome to try everything under the sun and if nothing other than the methods that the betas/mods have said previously works.

There were a lot of people complaining about those bonus actions in beta as well; I don’t think anyone has said that.

I’d recommend using stun skins… but you already mentioned that, so I’ll keep my mouth shut about it.

What have you tried doing, Slycrg? Have you already moved on from these quests, or are you still stuck on it? If you are still there, let’s see what you’ve done and maybe we (as in everyone, not just the beta testers) can suggest new ways to look at this.

Reading this debate, as you call it, it sounds to me that we’re just repeating the same points over and over again. If we can’t come up with good points, I think it’s time to make a different approach.

So… guys, what are you doing to beat these bosses? Do you use stun skin? Grind your monsters higher? Flash bomb them, dream hunt them, detonate them? Maybe even use First Ones? What do you do?

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Well, you’ve got to take into consideration the element of the boss in question before putting together a team against them. Using the correct elements means a lot. What I prefer to do is get two heavy hitter monsters on the line, with a protective tank monster to keep them safe. Variations of that throughout the team means a lot.

Flash bomb x4

and then my next 3 monsters are ones with dracobane

Usually takes a good chunk out

Oh and if you have meowzard try to get lucky with polymorph XD
I did that and got arkwing which helped me kill the other arkwing.

For gaiawyrm still stuck on it .-.

I think Ill grind levels.

I have had to go level and come back to almost all the dragon hunting quests.