Bonus action should be capped at pvp

This may be much, but bonus action in pvp should be capped, maybe like 2 action per monster.

Getting hit 5 times by enemy AoE when you are winning is enough to turn back the tide hard, maybe its just luck but enemy keep getting 3-4 bonus action is ridiculous, especially #everyone that has full S lineup#

Two is even too much. One. Cap it at one bonus action max, and no more. 

I disagree on capping bounse action , cap it at one then madis well dont have bounse action in pvp -.-

And THAT would be even better yet! PvP is supposed to be about skill, not luck. I agree with bonus actions in single player, but not in PvP. How can I even know if my PvP team is horrible and needs improvement or if I just got unlucky? I don’t even know what a good team is anymore except that it’s all S ranks that get a whole bunch of bonus actions. That’s all. 

Bonus actions are supposed to replace the concept of a ‘critical hit’. And a critical hit tends to do double (or even just +50%) damage. One bonus action would easily accomplish the idea of a critical hit. More than that is ridiculous in a PvP fight. But, again, in single player it’s perfectly fine.

And that’s all I have to say on that.

This, there should be a limit on how much luck that will matter inside pvp, just think about it, getting 5 times hit by omegawyrm after my stunner already beaten is frustating, and there is a limit of stun skin monster that is available to catch (not from gold egg)

yes I do agree on capping at 1 or even scrapping entirely.

Ashley made a good point for giving 50% more damage instead of another turn.

though I wasn’t a victim. I went lucky today for a pvp match that I should have lost.  I don’t feel good since I know i lost but win on paper.

Woah-oh, I really like that idea! 50% more damage for a bonus action. Very awesome. 1+

I already made a topic about this, however, I agree with capping it.

I think that bonus actions are extremely unhealthy for the competitive metagame. I’m not saying they should entirely get rid of them, maybe just on PvP. (And tone it down on the bosses. I swear to god if there was no cap they’d get like 20 in a row.)

Don’t get rid of them in single player. But do limit them to just one in PvP, please!

If they get rid of them in single player, there is literally no point in having grades. And having grades adds to HI uniqueness.

You could make grades affect critical hit damage, but I’m not sure how that will work.

i think they should do minor bonus stats for pvp for higher grade monsters and lower the states for a low grade monster. sound good?

Disagree, grade shouldn’t determine stat, a slight increase in stat is what determine win and lose, i still stick to my earlier suggestion: higher grade still get bonus action more usual, however, they are capped at 1 bonus action per monster/per round, this so there will be nothing like an ark get 4 bonus action, next time he moves another 3 bonus action, that is bs, imagine if it was on omegawyrm ord estructor, even lower ark like angelron and arkwing obliterate enemies when getting that many bonus action

Either way, it probably needs to be adressed before people start to take PVP a bit more serious and dedicate their time to it. Cap bonus actions to a maximum of 3 per fight and 1 per monster. That’s my final input.

3 is the same as 4 in terms of the experience it creates. We need to actually be solving problems here.

Just take out bonus actions in pvp , you’ll definitly see true skill… But keep bonus action in story for sure!!

If i had stuff my way, Ashley, I’d have no bonus actions AT ALL. I’d rather have S grade monsters increase the chance of the rare spawns in the game. That would be my perk for using S grade monsters.

I’m bearing in mind the only reason to farm for S grade monsters and keeping the hardcore farmers in the loop as well who’ve actually farmed for countless hours towards their S grade wyrm’s, too. I don’t want to see them get punished all of a sudden, however, I’d still love a cap as soon as possible. I don’t think a cap would create too much of a backlash with people who’ve already farmed an entire S grade party, however, if you take bonus actions out completely I can safely bet that some people would quit on the spot or would have nothing but abuse to give on this forum. Personally, I don’t think it’s fair doing away with the system but go all out and tweak it! By all means do that. Getting rid of it completely WITHOUT thinking of a simple adjustment is the height of stupidity.

There’s no reason to discontinue a good system that just needs a bit of tweaking. I’d also like to know what you’re trying to get at regarding my idea, Ashley. I don’t quite understand you there I’m afraid. A maximum cap of 3 bonus actions per fight and 1 per monster has everyone that currently plays in mind. “We need to actually be solving problems here.” No offence, I do feel I’m contributing a solution here and solving something with constructive ideas and giving the developers ideas, too.

Make no mistake that the current system needs sorted before people quit PVP or make more topics about said conversation we’re having…

Capping it at 1 doesn’t remove it. S rank still has the advantage of giving a 20% chance of that one extra bonus action, which still makes it advantageous over lower ranks in PvP. Just not ridiculously advantageous. 

And there’s still the bonus actions in single player. You know, infinite dungeon, quests, missions…

This would not ruin the bonus action system at all. 

I agree. Just barely lost to someone who had a total of 12 Bonus Actions.

I only got 3…with my barricades.

Anyways, yeah…you get the idea. 1 is the best way to go.