Action bonus absolutely ridiculous

So I’m usually not one who complains- I totally
Understand why the boss and powerful monsters get more action bonuses…but when it’s literally 5 in a row, and you have 3 boss monsters (like with the leviathans) that each get 5 action bonus in a row…it’s really frustrating! I could easily take out those leviathans…but my strongest arks get knocked aside like they’re worthless…simply because I don’t get the chance to attack!

But then my S and A ranked monsters have gone entire battles without any action bonus…what gives?

I really think something needs to be done…just a tiny adjustment to even out the playing field or something!

The number if bonus actions the boss gets isn’t absurd itself, considering the rewards, especially for those leviathans. It’s the fact that it’s unbalanced in comparison to how many Bonus Actions you get with an S class monster of your own. I have to admit that I have begun to find little reward in S class arms as they more often than not go fight upon fight with no bonus actions.

However, you can beat bosses if you get the right team together (I’d recommend farming and levelling some Pearex’s for yours) and then it’s all down to strategy.

Many bosses have 50% chance of a bonus action, whereas S grade monsters have 20% chance. But you can have many S ranks, and there’s only one (or maybe three) bosses. 

Stop crying , you’ll beat it eventually … They are calles BOSSES for a reason its not ment to be easy …

Erm that’s what the tonne of extra HP, defense, attack, in the case of some first one healing a lot of hp etc. should be for

Honestly I found a great place to farm thanks to one of the guys here. Its just groups of Biteschools. Simply put, go farm there get like 3-6 level 80+ monsters (wont take long each fight they go up like a whole level) and then go tard rage on those stupid leviathins :slight_smile: I beat ducleion (spelling?) with 3 monsters at lvl 99.

:slight_smile: happy farming

Read the trhreads, many strategies has posted to counter this, don’t use brute strength (well you can but have to grind more), with the right strategy you can overcame all bosses easily

What you will hate is when you face someone in pvp and they get bonus action x 3 in a row in their 10-12 star ranked and wipe out your team in a blink

Single player is something like an -easy mode- because enemy A.I. Is so easily predictable and almost stupid like an orcow killing gimself doing risky heal

yeah anyway if you can’t beat them the first or seond time just train a bit more and SMASH THEM, you can do it :wink:

I myself had the exact same problem and frustration, but because it’s on ya side mission I left it till later when my arks where stronger. Then when I returned they felt a lot easier to defeat. And they don’t always get bonus after bonus. When I first attacked them and lost most of my arks got at least one attack each. But good luck, hope you beat them soon.

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