[Bonus changes] [A reasonable request]

Hello devs and player community !

Most of us have been hit hard in our gameplay by changes to legendary bonus system and not to mention our discontent and immense disappointment towards it.

Well past is past and devs have decided to equalize both legendaries and mythics in terms of bonus .

Looking forward , I would like to suggest a possible mitigation for this . My suggestion would be to give us legendary potions directly when we hatch dupes regardless of +9 and let us choose where to use that “dupe-potion” . It’s quiet simple !

This can’t be tough to implement and I’m sure most of us would agree .

We need 3 mythic shards but 9 potions for legendaries is a bit unfair when you wanted to “equalize” the system.

Also +1 , +2 , +4 , +5 , +7 , +8 are completely useless . This isn’t the case in mythics .

Leave a like if you guys think this could somewhat ease our potion crisis .


Aso this idea stems from the fact that I got heavily pissed off few mins back .

My solblaze was +2 , wanted to use it in PvP so I used a potion to make it +3 .

Did a few PvP with lots of fun . Got 5 rare gems . Guess what , I hatched another solblaze .
Now he is at +4 .
Should I laugh or cry ???

If I had got that legendary potion directly instead of merging it with my original solblaze , I would have been happy knowing my another Mon would be +6 by now.

In older system , I wouldn’t have bothered much but now I’m taking issues !

Hope devs get my point


That would be way too good


I think they want to have the same mechanics like with mythics and more support spenders.


Thanks . Please do leave a like to support it strongly

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There is no money from potions bro.
Noone in their right mind would spend money to make their mons +9 .

This change would simply pacify us , give us flexibility, make us forget the whole issue and move on easily

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It is about money :smiley: If you want higher bonus you need to get more duplicates and how do you get more duplicates ? :smiley:


No I mean it would give us so much potions to give to any monster .It’s too good to be implemented .

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I’m not ok with this…this means that to ‘‘refund’’ the lost legendary potions we need to hatch (spend money) or accumulate gems and maybe find a dupe to get the potion…

I prefer to trust the devs and see more legendary potions in the events…not blind trust them but to give them time(2/3 weeks)

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Thank you so much for your insight on this topic @Professor_Oak


What I read there is “we want to push mythics”.

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Just rework the way to obtain ocarino.
It would help.
And revert the bonus as normal.
The bonus + really shows a big wall between novice player and the other back then.

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Je suis totalement d’accord avec tes dits

The Devs have already said they don’t plan to revert any of it or to offer compensation for the changes. They’ve agreed to give us more legendary potions in general. To be honest, I think we should see how things go over the next few months rather than label it a “potion crisis”.

@Professor_Oak Your suggestion here would make it way too easy to +9 the legendaries we want to and it completely rules out the ticket system where dupes at +9 give 6* tickets. It’s effectively asking to have the ability to redistribute all bonus between legendaries as we please, which is definitely unbalanced.

Getting +9 legendaries is meant to be a challenge with a big reward and you get there by either hatching them lots (it will happen for big spenders as they go for awakening mythics) and/or by playing the events to get legendary potions. This is the right kind of encouragement I think.

As for legendaries needing way more duplicates to become +9 than mythics… they are heavily supplemented by legendary potions from events and they are hatched at 4x (or 6x) the frequency.


I dint think through about the tickets though but something has to be done . I don’t want my most useless monsters to sit at +7 . There has to be some sort of flexibility .

The amount of potions we get from events stand nowhere near to the rate at which we r getting legendaries though.

But seriously though , why does everything have to be “balanced”? Why can’t things be just simple and satisfying.

Moreover , noone hatches godly amount of dupes. And even if they do ,these 1 or 2 potions while u get unlucky trying to get the featured monster is not that big a deal honestly.

Let those unlucky players strengthen their most used monster instead of a +8 bazillogon or a +4 warca . Every one of us will get benefitted .

Atleasy newer players would like this instead of being stuck with some lame legendaries at +9 when most of us have a good number of potions to spare .

PS : I seriously don’t like how players are getting shut down blutantly without proper reciprocation from the management side. I’m aware devs and mods are just mediators .

In the past 1.5 years I’ve been here , I feel it’s always what the company desires and never what the players desire . Except for those crazy skill balance patches that happen once in a blue moon .

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We’ve always had useless monsters getting dupes up to +7, this is nothing new.

I get probably about 5 legendary potions a month, maybe more (I don’t track them. I get ~200 gems a month = 5 packs = 2-3 legendaries, on average. I’m pretty sure we get more potions than we do dupes.

Balance is incredibly important for the long-term survival of this game, as well as it ultimately being a more rewarding experience for players.

The Devs have made a huge number of changes and additions for the players over time. Just read through update notes and you’ll see all the changes that were beneficial to players, the buffs they’ve made to monsters people felt were lacking, etc. It hasn’t all been positive but they both listen to us and try to do good things for us too. The most recent example is the increase to the login rewards (both daily and cumulative).

True but balance without customer satisfaction isn’t good in long term . This is how good games went downhill and shutdown finally . That’s what history speaks though .

No . Yes . Yes . No

One example isn’t enough for a year . I’m sorry .

Since noone is gonna speak up , it’s time someone led the way towards a better communication and responses .

But again , I’m very sure devs are enthusiastic but smile gate isn’t . That’s a truth noone can deny

Could have a system where it takes X amount of gems to reset a mons bonuses and relinquish the potions to you, or remove them one at a time for a cost of 10 gems or something like that. That way it would still encourage “spending”

how about a ingredients sale devs. that would really help the new players. I could use like 6 vorubooks, omegamids and cryptamids seriously. Another 4 Moalith’s wouldn’t hurt either.