undo potion system

@devs…Most monsters can benefit a lot from having a +9 bonus. But there are sometimes where you want your monster at a specific bonus so that they can go behind a monster that wud normally be slower than them. Getting dupes is one of the most unsatisfying elements of this game. The bonus is usually appreciated so its not that bad. But when there are times that you get a dupe of monster you want at a specific bonus it just makes getting a dupe even more disappointing. For example some people dont want a bonus on their emeraldeus because they want him to get bloodfury as soon as he gets his next turn. So devs, please create an option for undoing bonuses. I’m not asking that they be replaced with potions. Just that you can delete a bonus.(although getting potions for dupes would be really nice)and I know it sounds like “rich people problems” but its still something that many players will appreciate

I back this 100%.

Well, if his bonus is high enough, then once his turn comes back he can just use accelerate and come back only a short while after death mark kicks in.

My example of this is bovolcus. I used to be able to use purify twice then deathmatch, but I got a dupe of him and now it screws up his whole timing. Heck I don’t even need a specific reward for taking award the bonus, I just want to do it in his case because it’s spending my money to roll and getting him again has purely hurt him. That is unacceptable

I would like to be able to cancel evolution as well as potions. PvP is difficult when the cost is limited

Yeah, it would be better if they give us the potion for a dupe, instead of automatically add it to the monster.