So after getting to play a lot of Bomboid Fls I just think this guy has a little bit too much to offer especially if you combine him with Flocc. But Flocc isnt even the problem here. Its the massive damage from Bomboid. I know that the damage is dealt to both teams but lets be honest, if youre playing bomboid youre fully aware that youre team will get damaged, so you will be prepared for that in one way or another. With incoming Flocc any earth or storm type monster is simply Dead on arrival in the FL because of the type disadvantage to either bomb or Flocc.

We had a very long and intense discussion when Cani made it nearly impossible to play Fire types in the FL. With Bomboid not only one but two elements are put at huge disadvantage here. Of course there are counters to it but basically eliminating two elements from the FL game doesnt seem right to me. I think Bomboid should be changed in some way. In my opinion either the damage should be lowered or he should have a restriction so his passive only triggers once 50 or 100 seconds of the battles have passed. That would put him in the same position as sherloid who is still strong but you cant simply slap him in the FL and get a huge benefit from a very low cost monster.



Exactly bomb is a cheesy way to get win. A free one star monster shouldn’t have that much power. Just reduce the damage and he fine i think.


Agreed, there should be either a noticeable decrease in damage or a restriction on it’s passive. I think nerfing the damage might be a better way to do it because people could always run it fifth and flocc sixth for lots of damage.

bomboid is good stuuff for those who played it claverly.i love the concept of bomb and many player change their strategy according the game.

I haven’t seen bomboid outside of bomb + flocc besides someone who substituted flocc with malwing. It’s nothing clever especially since ppl have been discussing this as soon as it was previewed.

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Nerf it’s damage not restriction

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Bomboid is fine lol… I never thought Sherlock would be the one to start this.

PS : saw a bomboid + dusci Frontline today . Is that some high IQ strategy I’m missing ??

Also I don’t have a bomboid . I missed it

The strategy was placing bomboid in the FL and have floccu right behind it. It can kill earth and storm monsters with the revenge and entrance passives.

I haven’t observed but does bomb damage hit stealth n camo ?

Yes both aggressive entrance and bomboid’s revenge passive hit all mons.

Then that’s what should be corrected . Bomb n aggressive shouldn’t hit camo lol

That’s how it always has worked with passives. Active skills like stun boom miss stealthed monsters, but shocking entrance hits all monsters regardless. They can’t just make flocc and bomboid’s passives not hit stealthed mons without reworking the way passives work.

Nope . They changed it recently to buff that exploding cat ball. That was a mistake tbh.

Damaging passives dint hit camo untill this change

Oh I didn’t know that. Staticsphere seems in a decent spot right now so I don’t think it’s the best idea to indirectly nerd it as well. Not to mention, bomboid would still deal a ton of damage and having stealth might not fix the problem for everyone.

Don’t get static nerfed

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Understatement of the century

Good to have you back :slight_smile:

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Recently they changed it so that double retribution isn’t activated by deaths at the end of your team.

Lol how we spoke about that combo within minutes of finding out it’s moves.
Are people using it with the exploding cat and Auro? That will be annoying as well.

In regards to the OP. I haven’t even evolved my bomboid so never used it. But I would say that combining it with Flocco or static was an obvious strategy from the beginning and I’m glad people are using it.

I say don’t Nerf it yet. Give people time to adapt. I mentioned some counters in the older thread about it. Also a whole heap of OP Front Lines have freaken mythics with massive defense that are so dam hard to kill. This gives the poor man a chance. On a similar note lots of OP legends don’t have hold ground so again another counter to these FL’s.

I would love to see this strategy become more common to force people to use different monsters. Heck Jag is a great counter and he is reasonably common in the FL.

I would like to use more traditional monsters with HG to be honest. Shiva comes to mind.