Black beast any day over Mojinator

I feel those who got black beast instead of Moji are lucky.
I accidentally started match without realizing my team was not my main team. It had only 8 monsters instead of 16. So I decided to try my friends delugzar.

Boy soon as that monster enter field I was able to sweep enemy team left and right.

If I had mojinator I don’t think I would have been able to win… I would have to retry with my main team.

Anyways, my point is mojinator doesn’t feel that useful over delugzar. And there should be some tweek made to moji.

Moji is support, while delugazar is sweeper thats their difference

Already mad like 2 posts about this. Yes moji is trash

The 2 mons are used differently can’t really compare the 2 unfortuneatley. As extreme said moji is a great support monster in.his final form but prior to final form it is pretty lame.
Delugazar is a strong sweeper and if not the best in game atm

I understand both of them have different role thus diffrent use.  But amount of benefits each of them provide from the way we acquire them (6th 50x gems) is varies greatly. 

I think devs will give moji a buff.
Or at least they shoudl have.

Moji is better for PVE

Z19 GaryOak

Power Of Black Beast

Just watch Luna video. I wanted moji and got him but delu is really awesome. Maybe getting him would have been better :confused:

Black beast one shots(nearly) all monsters at UC level 1200+ which is pretty impressive.(TFA Lunatic’s video proves it)
Mojinator’s defense is nowhere near to delugazar attack.

Sadly whoever got moji got screwed lol me included

Same with me. I would change to black beast I could :-/

^I agree, I’d give moji back in a second for black beast if I could.

BB failed to one shot the stealthed bane many times in pvp, but I still want BB instead of Moji.

@VKC you seeing all these complaints? Help us out.

It is more like a bug of excessive power that ignores the defense of monsters. Devs keep adding bugs to the game.

No, it’s not a bug. Delu just hits so freaking hard even the insanely buffed mons can’t handle it.

It is not a bug and we will be adding text in its description.

Confirmed: Mojinator will get its buff in the next update.

Then that is way too OP…

thats y it called beast.  :slight_smile: