Update news devs?

So, the last update came out in mid-February. So can we expect another one end of March to early april? @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

I’m anxious for my fixed dusicyon.

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I’m anxious for my Cryokaizer, Sanctallion, Jingle and Valza buff. :smiling_imp:

I’m anxious for some fixes on Gryphking, Deodragon and Zhulong.

I’m anxious for the new bugs it will bring.

I’m anxious on why some monsters are weak and some are strong…
They are like the earth and the sky:
Mojinat vs Delu
Reindeer vs bauble
Cryo vs raizen/chrome
Shogun vs geo/hellfox
Noxdragon vs zhulong

Moji is not bad at all, not sure why you are saying he is.
Raindeer is not bad either.

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Assume all ppl dont have these monsters below…
If u make a poll “what monster will be chosen between geo or fox?” some people will choose geo and some will choose fox… But if u poll moji or delu, I’m sure all ppl will choose delu…
Moji not bad, but also not strong… Delu not bad, but strong… That’s I meant…

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Sorry but Blitzdyr is stronger than bauble. :wink:

Really? Bkitzdyr never killed my monster af… But bauble often killed 1 enemy at least… even ever killed 6 monsters on my team…

Joke of the year.

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If you think I’m joking then sorry, you lost my respect.

How was Blitzdyr setup? A few people run Blitz in pvp but no setup. If I had Blitz I’d run it endgame with auro and maybe 1 stun bomb then add Aegis and Leo/Other stun absorber with back up like Heavens, Ultima and Midas.

I forgot what setup people used…
I just always killed blitz before blitz made big damage…

All blitz needs to do is clone next them reeinfer bomb that thing even without charge does 3300+ damage