Any good?


I been playing a bit of pvp and Got a new ark

Is it decent ?

No not really~
How about you give it to me if possible :stuck_out_tongue:

You tell me. You battled a lot to get that, so you have the most experience out of most of us. So you’re more qualified to answer the question than we are, no?

Or do you know the answer already, and are simply trying to act ignorant to grab attention?

…ahahahaha, I’m just yanking your chain. Congratulations on getting Kami! It’s a great arkadion, but make sure you practice with it. Tis important to know how to use it.

Dude kami is soooooooooooo bad. All its good for is doing a crud load of damage, puts arks to sleep for a long period of time, and is easily killed in 7 or 8 hits.

It’s pretty good.

It’s good if you build around it

If you just use it as a beater, of course it’s going to suck

It is very good at making you not wanting to play this game anymore.

Snow, stop being so pessimistic

At this point, those that are starting to get Kami have deserved it, hands down

Just because the hackers are jerks doesn’t mean they won’t be taken care of

yay Nickie!! gratz gratz… Nah it’s crap. Timebomb & Volatile tends to kill mine :(  Xeno - stupid me, always used & didn’t realise hydrawyrm’s there lol…

lol joke aside, it’s great for a lot of things…

Congratulations on getting Kami!

I have the Trainer’s Holographic Japanese edition of Kami so I guess yours is ok

Well, in Snow’s defense, he/she (I think he) didn’t offend those who got it. Nor did he state that they didn’t deserve it. I believe the message of the post was that Kamiwyrm is so good that people facing it get discouraged due to its awesomeness. It’s a reasonable post, in my opinion.

But that’s only my interpretation, and you may be right as well. I understand where you’re coming from.

To conclude: Kami=Good, Hackers=Bad, Hardcore PvPers=Good for their teams, Hardcore PvPers=Probably bad for their health…

Congratulations Donstun! =D