Banedragon or Tridrakhan?

Finally got my first Vorabook from the IC after all these months of struggling to get one. These were my first 2 legends and to finally have the chance to fully evolve one I need to make the right choice because I love them both equally and they are a central crux to my team. Ironically although they were my first legends, Don Penguini is my actual first to 6stars since he didn’t need a vorabook.

My setup for them right now is:

VentoKaizer, Tridrake, Octoboss, Kong

Kong Zealous, Vento purify into Octo Stunbomb, Venodrake comes in poisons everyone, Vento is always next for the purify, Double eat, Tridrake poison eat if necessary (when Kong goes down I have Bonetalon behind Veno)

Tridrake removes stun absorbers or protectors/sleepers and is exceptionally well at it, he’s extremely bulky and assuming has a low target rate because he can usually last for a very long time. I don’t want to take him out my frontline for stunning entrance he’s just so good

Venodrake, is the epitome of power. When he comes in things DROP lmao. But he’s slow, and there have been times where he’ll die before he even gets a chance to do anything. So Faststrike would be useful

And if it helps guys I just got a TT in Zephyr recently if that would help with some decision making and strategy

Any help would be appreciated.

I would always go with bane and let the massacre begin… ^^

Iff you have a TT go for banedragon his double poison eater has no mercy(insanely good and powerfull) with TT at least 4 enemy monters will be dead…faststricke is good but i nvnever use it
I dont have tridrake but i love him

The thing about banedragon is since the fastrike nerf it’s not a huge deal having him unevolved, i know people running him in second state for the cost since now it’s only the passive and poison eaters that matter. That being said he’s still used a lot more than tridrakhan, so while evolving tri would probably be more valuable you have to fit him into your teams more. Bane goes in pretty much every team nowadays regardless because he counters sleep so hard. 

TLDR up to you

I love opponents with Bane on 5th slot. Knockback with Tiamazus, 2 x Poison Massacre, TT,  Poison Eater, 2x Poison Massacre
It’s so much fun :D 

Yes , until that someone has ‘midas’ to spare in front and brings bane in using cannablise.

duh, there is always a combo to break another combo, obviously :slight_smile:
luckily I haven’t run into this one that often, yet :slight_smile:

Ahh okay thanks a lot for the info guys! Looks like I’m going Bane, I’m rank 73 now so I’ll probably wait a rank or 2 for some more Cost. Or fit some low cost stun in. And I’ll find a way to fit Zephyr in as well. TT and Bloodcrave. Now I see why everyone uses them.

Tridrake should be alright until I get my next Vora (Venom TK is so good regardless.) I couldn’t get one during Tower but I was close. Got to the floor just lost all my tickets on a boss with a bunch of legendaries. But I’m just glad I lost too me not being strong enough yet and not outrageous buffs.

My front says hi ^^

Once you get higher up then yes you get bane on 5 but you also get stun or sear/icefang on 6 which tends to cover the weaknesses. Also massacre won’t kill a legend TT with one hit so it does come down to luck.

Bane is love.