Balancing Trials - Captain Canine or Frozmaw??

Personally I’m going to go with Captain Canine for the Show of Power into Raw Bloodcrave as I dont have any reliable way of killing off my weaker mons nor those stuck into my team by the opponent and Repent is a pretty handy ability for my style of play right now. Frozmaw is great on paper but without Wraithcaptian nor many strong Water Legends to couple it with, it just isn’t of use to me.

Which one will you get, Captain Canine or Frozmaw?

Frozmaw is the more powerful monster, but is very clearly for use in link water sleep teams. Its slow speed lets it down but it’s decent enough.

Captain Canine looks quite good on paper until you read the 100s restriction on Show of Power that ultimately means he is incredibly slow to do anything. Once he shows his power he can be a fast sweeper with stun revenge until he kills himself with recoil (repenting himself would make him totally useless).

I’d pick Frozmaw if I were you. Captain Canine is a monster I don’t think you’ll ever enjoy using.


Definetely Frosmaw, I have wraith captain and goldtail to make a nice sleep team. Captain Canine is meh for me because sleep is way more powerful than bloodcarve in pve.

But Captain Canine looks so cooool… lol

Good points, didn’t notice the 100s restriction on Show of Power… that really does kind of suck. Guess I’ll go with Frostmaw and wait to get Wraithcaptain via egg RNG or the shop. Hes an old enough legend and just got featured in an egg, cant see why they wouldn’t add him to the shop at some point.

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He’s broken in pve.

Can concur, frozmaw can have some insane moments and is really good at pitching in to contribute to the sleep lock all around. Never been able to muster the motivation to try CC, not even in my meme teams specifically themed around canines/felines. The moveset is just the polar opposite of versatile, linear as it gets and has literally nothing to offer the first 100 seconds.

I’ve noticed a mistake in the translation of Frozmaws Link Sleep Attack, in the german version it says it’s a Solo move.

Quite bad rewards this time honestly. Frozmaw is in the low side of average, cap canine is straight up trash. I hope in the future we could have Ahuizard there since I missed him :slightly_smiling_face: