New super challenge battle just went live. This time, there’s the opportunity to try out the new monster, Icefang. It looks amazing and is basically robinator and galvbane in one mon WITH an ability that lets it take a turn instantly upon entering the battlefield.


Stun Pulse





Roaring entrance- takes turn immediately upon entering the field of play

this is what I’ve been saving gems up for.

He is insane!

hes not actually that great… hes just a better galvbane, but tbh galvbane is sufficient enough

pic here. Why bloodcrave…

Leogeist will be mvp in pvp now😂

Eh, just a better galvebane.

And another protector nerf. :confused:

I will try getting him since I don’t have robinator

would be useful for pvp

What is his speed. And definitely PvP material

I think this guy looks OP as heck. He’s basically a fusion of Galvbane and Robinator, plus a guaranteed first strike upon enterance, which we all know full well is something that will seriously make this guy stand out, and I mean WAY out. He will have no problem whatsoever with getting his necessary kill. If there’s a protector, assassinate. No protector, then stun pulse. And of course he’s a legend, which means he won’t struggle a whole lot with dealing sufficient damage like Death Chicken does. So yeah, I really really want this guy.

Me too, insane monster. Why blood crave? Ofcourse! He’s already OP hes more OP with bloodfury, damn hes a worth a roll

He is a flow breaker. A mid game safety net when your front line get owned.

That’s probably the hardest SCB I’ve done so far, had to get Godfeather to clutch against the last 3 mins.

This guy is way too op - robinator and galvbane are two of the best and most commonly used SEs… Put them together with this guys entrance…

Imagine this guy at +9 accelerated

Ice fang stun is strong…but if leogeist is around basically galvbane and icefang stun lock is useless…

Yeah. I really want leogeist :smiley:

Ok the rainbow monster was easy to pass on but this is going to be a test of willpower to save my gems for oct 22nd.

He might be up after rainbow guy it might be on oct 8

Is he limited-time legendary? (likes aegis ultima leo)