I'd like to nerf two monsters I used very successfully in my team that no one, including me, feels are OP and also another monster that I don't own but its annoying that no one, including me, thinks is OP

I’d like to start this off by saying that I am NOT asking for the devs to just nerf monsters I don’t like in case someone decides to not actually read my post and scold me for being bad at the game. This is going to be a very long post so if you are going to address one of my points please read the whole thing. There are a few points I am going to make and although they will mostly focus on PvP, they will benefit the game as a whole if they are implemented.

The first point is about the most used monster in PvP and how many of them are very unhealthy for the game. If you already don’t know what I’m talking about just go to the PvP section, click on info, and take a look at the PvP Event Report for the past seasons. If you look at the past ~ten seasons, you will notice that there are a few monsters that are always featured on the most used monsters section. The monsters I have the largest issue with are Angelion, Dusicyon, and Flocculasaurus. That is because they are at a very high power level (they are in the S+ category on the tier list) and are always the most used monsters season after season. This is a problem because it kills the diversity in the meta and restricts teambuilding at a high level of play. I’ve heard players complaining about how the meta has been stale for months and this is why.

The reason monsters like Angelion, Dusicyon, and Flocculasaurus are the most used monsters in every PvP season since their release is because they offer so much more value than any of the other monsters in the game, they are widely available, and they are very easy to include in most teams (almost every high ranking team). There are always going to be some monsters that are better than others, but it is a huge problem for the game when there are a handful of monsters that almost everyone has and are just auto-includes so you can win more games. Even in wacky teams like my AoE spam team, including something like Dusicyon was very easy and didn’t take much teambuilding skill whatsoever. It is a huge target because of shield field that dies to three hits minimum, it can kill medium defense monsters with confident strike that can be used at full potential at least once with raw second wind, and it makes the monsters that follow it so much more powerful if it survives. This is just one example, I could go on and on about Angelion and Flocculasaurus, but I’ve already made my point.

There are two things I propose the devs should do to fix this problem.

The first one is addressing the monsters that people just slap into their team because they are very easy to use and are extremely strong. (I’m putting this in all caps to emphasize this one point) I DO NOT WANT TO NERF ANY OF THESE MONSTERS BY LOWERING THEIR POWER LEVEL. This runs into the problem of making players feel like they wasted their money on monsters they thought would be strong but ended up being weaker after they were nerfed. Instead, I propose that the devs change these monsters so that they are not so easy to just slap in a team but still can be extremely strong when built around properly.

A prime example of the type of balance change I am talking about is what the devs did with Magmarinus. It used to have dual slayerbane as a secret skill and people would just slap it into the back of their team because it was a stun immune sweeper that almost always got a few kills. It did not take much teambuilding skill to make it effective Did the devs nerf it so people wouldn’t use it anymore? No. They changed the monster so people needed to properly build around and then it has the power level of an S+ monster. My team uses Magmarinus effectively, but it needs a specific set up to be good anymore. Magmarinus is still a top tier monster but it isn’t used as frequently because you need to build a section of your team in a certain way so it can work well. The three monsters I mentioned should be changed so that they can not be auto included into any team. When they are built around properly they should function at the same power level they did before. That way players can’t complain that their money was wasted on a monster that got butchered after release and the meta would feature a lot more different monsters.

Now for the second point I suggest the devs do to fix the staleness in the PvP meta. (holy crap this is so long lmao I might need help shortening this post) There are so many legendaries and super epics that have absolutely no use in this game and it is such a waste. Sure, not every monster is going to have a use, but it gets ridiculous when you have over half the monsterdex consisting of useless monsters that you just roll your eyes whenever you hatch them. Pvp would be so much more fun to play and to team build in if the devs would allow more innovation. I already suggested one way to do this but the devs could also solve this problem by making a few of the thousand monsters they added to the game actually useful. All you have to do is take a look at Killerdog’s tier list and see just how many useless monsters there are. The devs should make many of these monsters stronger or have different movesets that make them have at least some use or make a few of them more competitive.

These are the main things I’m suggesting, but there are some other ideas that could improve the game. One thing is that they could increase the PvP rewards at all brackets. I’m biased because I just made it to rank 15, but the rewards really do not justify the amount of grinding and skill it takes to reach a high rank. I don’t have a clear idea of how much they should be increased, but something like getting top 1 should give at least 40 gems maybe even more. Another thing that has been suggested many times is making use of all the islands. They could maybe make some event that needs you to do stuff on those islands or release more monsters that can be caught there that don’t totally suck.

Another thing I’m not sure is a good idea but has come up a bit is to make it so protectors can’t block moves directed at other protectors. This would make games less rng dependent and less annoying. So if you had two auto protectors, the chance that either one of them would block a move directed at a monster that isn’t using a protector skill would be the same, but a move directed at one of the auto protectors can’t be blocked by another protector. It also doesn’t make sense that protectors can block moves directed at other protectors. The purpose of a protector is to protect the other monsters that aren’t protectors from being attacked. It makes no sense that they could block moves directed at another monster that is also protecting the monsters that aren’t using a protector skill/passive. I’m not so sure if people want this one I’m mainly focusing on the first two suggestions I made.




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no ones gonna read this its so bad lol I should probably delete half of it

I know what you’re trying to say, but dusci and floccu can be bought from the exchange shop with some patience, angelion you need to have some luck when you roll for it :\ ( i have only dusci of the three mentioned ) and regarding all the useless and old monsters i agree with you they need a refresh of their moveset or at least some changes. The fact is in every game there will be something better than another thing just look at any game like pokemon or yugioh or even league of legends just saying there are some things that are meta and super good…


That’s my point. Because they are available in the shop, so many people have them and so many people play them because they are incredibly easy to use. I have dusy and flocc and both of them were in the team I used to get rank 15 so I’d be perfectly fine if they stay the same, but I really think they should be changed to be harder to build around. They can have the same power level but it’s boring to keep seeing them in the same teams over and over. There will always be better monsters, but it doesn’t have to be the case that it’s the same exact few monsters showing up all the time. I sound repetitive because 1. I can’t write lol and 2. it is repetitive because the majority of teams in ranked pvp use these monsters.

I did read the opening post. And I think you made alot of very solid points. So what would be your limits to imply on monsters like these? Maybe LINK Aggressive Entrance on Flocco and LINK Shield Field on Dusicyon as passives? Obviously this is just a generalization but they would still retain all their power just require more specific team building.

Probably not link I honestly don’t know lol. Maybe a raw restriction for shield field or a slight cooldown for dusicyon’s second wind? Flocc is only obtainable in the shop and I’m not sure if there’s a way to do what I was talking about with it. Same thing with angelion, since it has stun counter people are gonna use it no matter what anyways…

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I read it until the end

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@NMEduck thank you for getting the ball rolling on this needed conversation, I wish I could add to it but all your points are very sound arguments.

The funnest times I’ve had playing this game have been exploring the islands ( because it reminded me of Pokemon), team building, and PvP so any improvements to any of those I’m all for.
Congrats on your placement btw


Thanks I remember matching up against you GG I was YA AOE GO :bomb:

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I didn’t read the post but I disagree because i saw gary found a typo. What a shame

I read through the post and put it through a grammar checker but I couldn’t find where it was :disappointed_relieved:

Nice try getting me to read it to find it :new_moon_with_face:


I haven’t made any edits you can check…

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There is no issue with your grammar. Pretty sure he is trolling you due to the copious use of the word “there/there are” in your post. I counted 8 times.

I know. If I could actually write good then it wouldn’t be over a thousand words long :crazy_face:

Solid post. One thing I would like to point out is the new monster type/monster type attacks (ghostbuster, herbicide) mechanic. This will offer a whole other means of strategy and will at some point allow you to counter top tier monsters in a new way. This could very well be the solution you are advocating for.

My hope is in future updates they start updating older monsters that have these new monster type killer/synergy moves which could make the useless mons you mentioned above more viable and robust.

I agree with the majority of your comments but I disagree with changing the move set of angelion/dusi/flocco. I agree that they are oversaturated and we need more diversity in PVP, but what makes them so valuable is their ability to fit into every team and contribute in any strategy which is super helpful for players just starting out in PVP. I know you are not advocating for a nerf but changing their movesets is still a nerf in my opinion. Instead I think we need more monsters that are just as viable as those three or we need more monster options that have the ability to counter the top PvP monsters.

In old school pre gen 6 pokemon the dragon type in general was overpowered and dominated VGC. Instead of nerfing all dragon pokemon they introduced the fairy type which was a direct counter and balanced out dragon types. I think we need a similar thing with Neo. The problem isn’t these three monsters it is a lack of viable options to counter the three that are somewhat easy to obtain.


Nice quacking, my dude!

I agree with pretty much anything you said:
something less (I think auto protectors have been nerfed enough)
something more (monsters that can be slapped anywhere and still be successful are harmful to the game’s variety)
something even more (nerfing is not the solution)
and something even more² (old monsters need new movesets)

I loved when event-exclusive Superepics like Arborgias and Dualdragoon, which were originally clones (respectively) of the Twin Death Sentence archetype and Unwanted Friend archetype, got reworked. And the result is wonderful: an instant-death dispenser and a fusion between Malwing and Motordragon.

I don’t like to see monsters who share the exact same moveset and only differ from the element. Sometimes not even that: Jadeboa and Giraverdant, 4★ protectors, share the moveset, the element and EVEN the statline.
They deserve a rework! Perhaps not a total rework, just add some little elements to make them unique in their way.

Since I’ve already mentioned Twin Death Sentencers above: Deucalizon and Revenatus got Stun Immunity, while the other clones got Poison Immunity. That’s certainly an improvement, albeit a slight one.

Another thing to mention: can you name me a 4★ monster with an entrance skill? Take all the time you want, because there answer is none. Why there is no Epic monster with an entrance skill?! All Epics deserve more respect! Except for Goldirel, I hate that slimy f★cker.

I believe the meta would greatly benefit from this, and so many newer strategies could be created if Epics and Superepics were reworked, perhaps having them gain access to moves otherwise limited to event-exclusive Superepics or Legendaries: Toxic Killer, Purifying Mist, Double Survivor, Stun Converter etc… while still being weak enough to justify their cost.