Captain Canine moveset

Here’s a look at the moves, courtesy of a random cheater who I could select the monster of:


Raw bloodcrave looks interesting. Show of power does too except with the 100s restriction it means this monster won’t be doing much to begin with. It depends how useful Repent is.

Show of power will be good as a token counter. In general I think this monster is okay once it gets going. If you can use Show of power on a stun revenge monster that’s 160s of stun followed by some fast sweeping and always stun revenge there for if it gets killed. It’s just way too slow getting started, can’t rely on having cannibal food and has the restriction of being unable to use around protectors.

Show of power can be used on a protector, meaning that it can be protected until it’s ready to sweep.

That’s a good point, but protectors are quite valuable and so whether that’s a good plan in practice is hard to say. I mean putting a protector in my team with the sole intention to cannibalise it is a slight waste for a SE sweeper. It would have to be a 4* protector I think.

Put a protector in your team with CS monsters, then if you know that there aren’t stuns coming, then eat the protector to charge the bloodcraver. Or use it to dodge stuff like TSA.

I wonder if Show Of Power will activate other death passives in addition to the stun. If it does I can think of some evil ways to abuse this :thinking:

Only one-time use sadly! Also, Zardecil you may have missed the fact that it doesn’t heal the teammates when you wrote about CS monsters. I was writing “cannibalise” just because that’s good as a general term for using a monster as food for another. All killing a teammate with Show of Power will do is trigger their revenge, stun the enemies by 80s and count as a kill for Capcan.

Repent for the CS monsters so he can have a reason to be around if he doesn’t want to eat the protector.