It’s finally out and the moves have been confirmed for the final evolution.
Summon Swarm (6 minions)
Sacrifice Heal
Ultraquake (All)

We will probably see the fire bird next then

great support for throw monsters with bloodcrave

and unfortunately I didnt get him with my 20 gems that I saved lol sadface

Same I span 3 times 3 epic duplicates

Same spun 3 times all epics I already had

Anyone got one yet
I wish special eggs worked like festival eggs

I faced a player in tower and he had an Bahamuz I was kinda salty

I got one. 

Haven’t trained it yet cause of the tower tournament though. it’s at like 30% atm. I’ll post some data once it’s fully evolved

Hey guys. I have bahamuzar. My first impression of him is that he’s super slow. It takes forever to get around to his turn, especially after summon swarm (250 seconds). I’m starting to use him next to mons that have give turn, otherwise he is usually killed off before it gets back to his turn. Also would be smart to have mons that have heal or auto protect next to him because if a fire mon attacks him, his hp goes down pretty fast.

In all, when using him I have at times wiped out 5-6 mons easily in the tower event with him. The key is just to get him back to his turn fast after summon swarm then the rest of his attacks only take 100secs each and he can just heal himself or any other with sacrifice heal. He’s a good legendary when used correctly.

Sounds awesome. Another legend I will hope to add to my box within the next century.

well that can be said for all legendarys like SoulStealer he is good if u build a team off him right

I want one bad

I landed on a legendary and thought I had it since it went to the egg opening but got flamie instead. But unlucky but still happy with it

Doesn’t seem so good as throw is his only offensive move, and he cannot attack right off the bat.

He works well as a support, cause sacrifice heal and throw both have low cooldowns, so if you set him up behind a protect he basically functions as a more aggressive angelon.

I actually have him next to my serapheon so after bahamuzar does sacrifice swarm, serapheon can give turn right back to bahamuzar. Then both can heal each other when necessary.

Just landed on Legendary. Didn’t get Bahamud though.

Tried five times. No legendary but I am speeding up my Epics.

Landed on four epics…

Done it 4 times 4 epics all the same monster