So i recently started going up against atrahasis. Ich thought well if its all about killing him why not use the twin kill judgment abylity and just try to hold my guy up for 400 secs. However After 400 secs nothing happened. So does it not work on him?

So i recently started going up against atrahasis. Ich thought well if its all about killing him why not use the twin kill judgment abylity and just try to hold my guy up for 400 secs. However After 400 secs nothing happened. So does it not work on him?

death revenge and death sentence don’t work on him, no. The only real exploit is using unwanted friend to stop him summoning things, aside from that you have to do it the hard way. 

I am sorry but how is this an exploit. It certainly is not. death sentence states that the chosen target will die 400 secs after. it does not state that i doesn’t work on certain monsters. Therefore correctly it should also work on artahasis. Can#t the developers fill in correct information. my god. 

No I’m not saying it’s an exploit, it’s just that atrahasis is supposed to be difficult, using death sentence would make the fight too easy so the developers purposely prevented things like death sentence and death revenge working. 

As I said, the only way of making the fight easier is to use unwanted friend. 

Yeah, It’s the freakin final battle. IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EASY. It makes perfect sense that the devs wouldn’t want people to take shortcuts. If you could kill him with those things, it wouldn’t be very hard, now, would it? You just have to keep trying. And it’s not like you need to spend tickets on every attempt, right? The point of the challenge is to figure out how to get past an obstacle making do with what you have. I had a rather pathetic lineup when I was at that point, and I beat it in 7 tries. Feel free to look at the previous thread to see how I did it.

Making do with what i have when i have a monster with dearh sentencenis exacrly the point. Also you have to keep the monster aoive for 400 secs. I wouldntbexactly call that easy.

I would, a tank and something with stealth teammate is pretty much all you need. Again, it’s just common sense that they wouldn’t let that happen. I mean, like he himself said, He’s a First One, not exactly an ordinary monster. Why should he be required to be affected by the same things an ordinary one would?

If you’ve played rpgesque games before, you’d know that any big baddie is most likely resistant to most forms of status effects. It’s only fitting the last boss of the main storyline is so. It’d be too easy otherwise; additionally, polareon would be able to instantly drop him to 1 HP. Not really worthy of a “God” don’t you think? :wink:

Developer must make all monster status available. Example, we can click Arthasis and see that he is immune to death sentence, sleep, stun, bomb damage, etc.

Eh, I don’t know about that. It’s also a good addition to the challenge not knowing exactly how to deal with something. Like, Thale’s ponyus is usually the first legend you ever encounter. When I saw it, I was like, oh crap, how do I deal with this? I kind of like that element of mystery.

As far as the waiting out 400 seconds goes, try using a mega bomber on atrahasis. It won’t do much compared to a normal situation where it will one shot every monster on the field almost. Yes, you kept it alive for 400 seconds congrats, but anyone can do that. Atrahasis is an unknown battle you never saw coming unless you played through and see the hints in the storyline along the way. Everything will work out eventually.

Why don’t you try to death sentence his other monsters and then use bloodthirst on atrahasis?

god people here… i just said it does not add up. If you have been driving to work in 45 mins fo rall your life no matter the circumstances and suddenly you need 90 minutes somethings wrong. Same is here. The description of the skill clearly states that it kills the monster atrahasis fights within a fight like a monster and is also described within the story as one. It just makes no sense that it wouldnt work on him. Or in other words its not logical. Thats what bugs me. Hope you got it now.

Btw i beat him alrdy, but i still think they should clarify there or better get their infos straight on the monsters.

It would not make sense for the skill to say that. Any game that has an attack does x does not list everything that it doesn’t work against. For example stunning entrance doesn’t say stun the enemy unless it has stun resist. They would have to know exactly what moves would counter it right away forever. They couldn’t add another counter later without going back and adding another addition like “except if it has stun resist or if it was given stun stealth” (made that up move up but you get the point)

I mean should every move say it will hit one monster unless a different monster used protect in which case it will hit that monster unless there is also an auto protect monster which may also get hit?

Actually it means something is different from all those other times. The question you have to ask is “is atrahasis different from other monsters?” and the answer to that is yes. Hence I don’t think it’s entirely unreasonable to expect some different mechanics.

The easiest way to finish this challenge is to only use 1 monster.
Dragaia or Godfeather.
Just use last bite everytime on Atrahasis. Takes 4 last bites and he is down.
Simple as that

If you actually have one of those two lol

Well its make me stressed out…