Death Revenge didnt work


Hey Devs @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

UC level 861, I was rocking the DR lead. Deathwarg died putting Wolf to hold ground.

Then the AI killed Talo and Apollo, and not a single enemy monster was affected. Two shockers came in at the same time that apollo and talo died, so maybe that had something to do with it.

But if you could investigate that would be great.



Maybe acolight used load mortar, had a shield, and both DR hit him?


Good point- im not sure but thats very possible.


Looking at the seconds of the monsters it had definitely used Load Mortar. Seems like a very unfortunate occurrence!


The title of this topic breaks my heart


What’s this, two Gary’s in one topic?


If you are fully aware that Backstab doesn’t trigger Death Revenge, the reason could be the Shield on Acolight from the skill Load Mortar.

Please let us know if similar issue happens. Thanks


You can never have enough Gary’s @Phantom00

Search “OAK” Clan for reference.

Fun fact: OAK clan formed part of the foundation for the clan that is called TNB today :ok_hand: