Atrahasis Complete Form?

So here I was selecting a friend monster and I came across this one at the bottom of the list. I was so confused and wondered whether this was legit or not? I highly doubt it was, but nevertheless it’s an interesting hack/bug… Anyone else come across Atrahasis in this complete form?

And no, I didn’t attempt to chose him and then battle with him in case it messed up my game. I mean, he would take up most of the screen to begin with!

Ah that’s a really clever hack! Would have like to have seen it in action though, I doubt that the mods will ban u for trying that out.

Edit: lmao at the automatic ‘we are actively banning hackers and cheaters’

I have come across it but that was before v1.3.6 update.
Unfortunately i did try to use him😟
It will take the whole screen,other mons will seem to be in background.
Once you summon him, game will freeze when his chance comes.
I Lost 40 tickets :sob:

lol look at his stats…

Exactly why I didn’t try to use him!

His stats really are poor. I don’t even understand the moveset either. Dreamhunt and poison? Because that’s a winning combination.