How does Soulstealers ‘death sentence all’ work??? I just was in a PvP with someone using Soulstealer and I knocked him back so shouldn’t that effectively cancel out his death sentence all?

No because it’s active as long as the user is alive so knock back technically counts as him still being alive, it’s actually a terrible idea to knock back a death sentence mon after they’ve used it.

I was gonna say knockback pretty much seals the deal. Soulstealer was my first legendary and has won me countless games. Only thing u can do to cancel the death sentence is to kill him.
The only good thing about doing that would be he wouldn’t have bloodthirst charged.

Does soulstealer’s death sentence act differently than say, lavamander, because on his skill it says "must be on battlefield.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same.

I’ve knocked back soul stealer and canceled the death sentence I think unless I wiped them out before 300 sec or whatever was done

If you knock him back and then your opponent uses switch places before the 320 seconds is up then the skill will still activate. If you knock him back and he is not on the field when 320 seconds have passed then it will not activate (also won’t activate if he is brought back to frontline after 320 seconds), unless it has changed since the last time I used him.

Like Scotty said he has to be on the field. Otherwise you’d death sentence then send him back yourself

I see! My twin death sentence monster has been knocked back and it cancelled it out but I guess that was because he didn’t come on back on the field soon enough, I get it now thank you :slight_smile: