How the hell does one defeat him? My team dies before I can even get to half damage.

Is that a Grand Master 4 ranked character? Or is it someone else?

Have someone to purify first turn
Second turn have someone with poison eater
Third stall out the enemy pokemon by stunners
Focus on the boss
Have someone with desperate strike(starter)
When the boss starts attacking he one shots everything but anything with hold ground
More poison eater the better

This isn’t pokemon!

Lol my bad

Rip I have no poison eater monster. Plus he has his annoying blockers

No he’s completely different boss, with such unfair advantages

Use Hellataur for Poison Eater. Do you have Throw/Bloodcrave monsters? What monsters you got?
I have no poison eater monsters

Do u have anyone with protector killer
After you kill his protecters he is going to summon2 legends this is where stun absorber comes handy

You don’t have a Hellataur? It’s a rare monster. You can catch it’s primary form Minitaur on Central Island in the forest area to the right of Dargo. 

Ultra evolve your Hadehound into Hadeberus. If not you can try with it in that form. Throw and Bloodcrave is very useful when used correctly. You’ll need a sacrifice summon monster to summon three rockoids to the back of your lineup which you can throw. Your Dreadfish works too with summon stunner which summons one Thunderfox, you just have to make sure to get a kill with that it.

Thanks for the tips guys. I’ll try it soon and see what happens

the best way to beat this boss is with unwanted friend, this stops him from summoning anything as long as u keep at least one of the bronzeshells on the field (u can use the other 2 as bloodcrave fodder). preferably have a heal all + purifier along with something with unwanted friend and 2 extremely offensive mons for your frontline, purify the poison and use unwanted friend then get your offensive mons charged up on bloodcrave. they will have 2 chances to each use bloodcrave before they die from the boss’ aoe dmg (use heal all after purifying the poison and the first dusk has been used). the rest of the match is a race to see who dies first: your team or him

Thank you guys for all the tips! Brilliant ideas. But surpringly none of what you guys said did the trick :sweat_smile:. It was my gaiakaizer with desperate double who took atrahasis down. But thank you everyone!

I gave up on him. I tried every combination I know with my current monsters then when I get him low he just wipes out my whole team with desperate all.

Post a picture of your monsters and everyone will try help

Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated

Man, if you can’t beat this with all those legendaries/super epics then you are doing something really wrong.
Try using combinations that ensure you legendaries stay alive as they will be the ones doing the serious damage. Pair them with protectors and the occasional healer and have some stun revenge/entrance to give you some advantage too.
You have lots os options (timestrkers, poison eaters, bloodcravers) so just pick one or two strategies and build your team around it.

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I have just completed this challenge after 6 attempts today. I started to make a log in excel of what was happening so I could break down the fight to figure out what combinations would be most successful. I posted my results on:

Last Stand makes this  match way easier imo and everyone should have one since your starter gets that ability. I got I think 3 free last stand hits and if you manage to use accelerate its even better.