help atrahasis/help beat me a good team just beat grand champion

I used sendback on my penguin and he 1v6 the last few guys in the grand champions tesm with last bite
Here is my team below, also any changes to my team for the future is highly appreciated i can take a few pics of the rest of my monsters if anyone wants
Atrahasis just crushed me. How do i beat him? Does death roulette or death revenge work on him?

Yeah the penguin is op :slight_smile: back in hubter island he used to attack all enemy monsters for critical damage every turn once hes the last one alive lol.

Here is all my monsters let me know if there is any really good monsters i missed during the game and whe to find them and a good team layout to beat atrahasis!!!

Edit bloodclaw just evolved into bloodblade also

You’ve been real stingy with your gems or you spent them all on refill tickets…there is no way you’re on the last guy with just a legend and two epics you got from the challenges and a starter…you’re saving them all for an event egg like a genius!!!  It’s a good move but will you have the power to beat the last guy before that…

You need to make sure you start the battle with a purify monster, then destroy the first two summon shields flan things and then just pound the main guy til he falls.  

Lol ur spot on been saving for event and also ages ago some guy said this game is broken if u cant beat it with only the first egg. Anyway even if i cant beat the boss what would be a good all around team u would recommend for the boss and online events or online story mode

Wow, how many gems do you manage to save?

43 right now and can get more. Also got an itunes card ready to go and gonna use my transfer code when i have a tonne of gems during a festive egg event and keep using the code until i get a tonne of good stuff from my rolls

Failed once , tried again and just beat him with one monster left. Start with a purifier mob for shure to stop his poison and protector killers , poision eater mobs will deal big chunks of damage.

I used all of my gems and I’m still stuck on the Grand Champion. Now you tell me there’s one after him?

I’m so done for…

Theres heaps after the grand champ

Is anyone gonna help me make a team not just for my current boss but a good overall team?

I hear using DonPenguini, something with Purify and Heal All, and an Accelerate Team and Stun Bomb monster work to beat Atharasis.

He poisons you, have your healer Purify your team, Accelerate your team. Have your two not Penguins kill themselves by healing and stunning, then you just just be able to Bite him to death.

I don’t have a Don, so I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard it works.

As for building a team, you’ve got only four epic or above monsters, that’s not going to be the case for long, so building you a team would be a waste of time. But furthermore most of the battles moving forward have teams well beyond the stats that you can achieve so a team meant to overpower won’t work very well, and most battles will require tailoring a team to counter what you’re up against.

I’m faking pissed,no matter how I tweak my team I can’t beat this guy.

Last Bite, purify and stun bomb. Nice