in-game Arkadion descriptions (monster list)

(note: post to be edited as more come in… or as i identify my own spelling errors, lol. i intend to identify my edits at the bottom of the post)

the game certainly is not in need of anymore literary content. but were anyone to further add to the written flavor of the story, what about short descriptions of the monsters themselves? (note: no idea where or how this would be added or viewed. perhaps a hover-over or an extra window when you click on the arkadion? the drawback here is that the more windows we have to click through, the clunkier it all feels. so perhaps a moot point!)

any plans for in-game descriptions in the next game? anybody know? i’d gladly volunteer to churn out some throwaway content, for the edit/veto/approval of any staff.

(note on previous suggestions: a search for “arkadion” “descriptions” “written” or “describe” didn’t give me exactly the result i was hoping for. if anyone has another post this should be located in, please let me know, i’d be happy to move it! furthermore i’d love more ideas for these here)

before i begin, a quick exposé on me: just another fan!

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i try to follow my Wilv’s Fun Writing Rules (WFWR? that’s a mouthful) here, especially effeciency/describing as short as possible (aiming for about 4 words). as many puns as possible, as per the humor style of the game.

one finds that endgame content is “more fun” to write. that is to say, the cool-sounding arkadions are easier and more fun to describe and thus should be reserved for staff. the difficult stuff is getting through the beginning creatures, and here’s where a copywriter or thinktank finds an opportunity to help.

because all arkadions are named, identifying a noun (“an arkadion” “the monster” “this little guy” and so on) would be redundant so with the exception of a noun separate from the arkadion itself (example: the very first one, spark, identifies “a personality” rather than “an arkadion”), all my descriptions begin with an adjective, adverb, gerund or otherwise… off we go!

  1. Spark: “an electric little personality.”

  2. Sparkape: “buzzing with potential.”

  3. Sparkong: “king of the storm.”

  4. Thunderback: “ruthless, explosive and lethal.”

  5. Brakie: “hiding in a shell.”

  6. Brakio: “prehistoric… or is it?”

  7. Brakion

  8. Brakitorus

pigs are noted for their cleanliness. it’s somewhat misunderstood as an animal, being associated with dirty troughs and agriculture. i chose to go with this because the Arkadion looks especially cute.

  1. Snorkling: “a clean, cute familiar.”

  2. Blazenort: “flames escape its (his? her?) nose.”

  3. Hogfire

  4. Soltusk: “the tusked inferno.”

  5. Frostkit: “aw! so adorable.”

  6. Frostbite: “a hazard of the wilderness.”

  7. Blizzard: “chilling to the bone.”

  8. Glazio: “a disaster to behold.”

  9. Gustbat: “they travel in swarms…”

  10. Galebat: “a dangerous nocturnal predator.”

  11. Plasmo: “alkaline, viscous and surprisingly animated.”

  12. Plasmodious: “watch out for chain reactions.”

  13. Fireworker: “they serve the hive, or master.”

  14. Firesoldier: “venomous and hot for battle.”

the next 2 refer to concepts outside the game (the fast food industry?) so i’m not really sure what to do with them…

  1. Sanders: “finger-licking good at fighting.”

  2. Kentucky

  3. Seaquill: “watch where you step.”

  4. Seaspine: “the urchin champion.”

  5. Bluechick

  6. Bluetail

  7. Goldlamb: “a beautiful familiar.”

  8. Goldfleece: “grows shining gold wool.”

  9. Goldram: “their duels shake mountainsides.”

  10. Bitefish: “are there more?”

  11. Biteschool: “frenzying for a target.”

  12. Seedtooth: “the woodland’s novelty familiar.”

  13. Leaftooth

  14. Shrubtooth

  15. Bronzeshell: “sounds like a gong when struck.”

  16. Breezeling: “a soft coat of feathers.”

  17. Breezekite: “swiftly darts through the air.”

  18. Breezehawk: “dispatches targets efficiently.”

  19. Glaucoal: “not your average amoeba.”

  20. Glaukindle

  21. Fang

  22. Lobo: “its howls are heard at night.”

  23. Remus: “a beast of legend.”

Spooky (not Spooker!) is currently my favorite. despite being adorable, he (it?) is almost kind of ominous/creepy, too…

  1. Spooky: “travels the world…”

  2. Spooker: “boo!”

  3. Snowfawn

  4. Snowhorn

  5. Snowstag: “a noble sentinel.”

  6. Bullhorn

  7. Bosshorn: “the bovine bruiser.”

  8. Narpike: “when sighted, sailors make a wish.”

  9. Narpoon

  10. Narlance

  11. Squirehawk: “eager to serve the brave.”

  12. Knighthawk: “eager to defend the just.”

  13. Mantisword

  14. Pengboy: “a lackey of the penguin streets.”

  15. Pengster: “beware the mob mentality.”

  16. Pengboss: “lynchpin of the inner circle.”

  17. Jabby

  18. Jabbit

  19. Sphinxcat

  20. Pharaocat: “sacred, revered and feared.”

…interception! my personal little note: these next 11 here have the variety and gravity of pets that could almost be starters, don’t you think? “Beowulf” by the way refers to a story about infidelity, punishment and a sort of revenge, so that’s where i got that…

  1. Chillbear: “they dance when you sing!”

  2. Icebear

  3. Freezebear

  4. Smokepup: “a smokey, oily coat.”

  5. Firewolf

  6. Beowolf: “punishes unseemly indiscretions…”

  7. Hedgehot

  8. Hedgeheat: “the spikes are hot!”

  9. Stegy

  10. Stegodon

  11. Stegotops: “a towering giant.”

  12. Frostjack: “no two are alike.”

  13. Frostknight

  14. Flarerunner

  15. Flamerunner

  16. Blazerunner

  17. Bladeshark: “equipped with powerful jaws.”

  18. Sabreshark

  19. Clubby

  20. Bouldon

  21. Duskling: “a mote of darkness.”

  22. Duskhawk

“Duskroc” imo one of the coolest names in-game. “Dusk” referring to the time or color of twilight, “roc” being the Persian mythical megabeast bird that could carry an elephant. (an earlier name was “Garuda” which we’ve all seen in other video games, i’m sure. happily, Hunter Island is the top-returned/only genuine result when googling the word “Duskroc” so, hats off to whomever thought up this name!)

  1. Duskroc: “the terrifying bird of prey.”

  2. Dullakid: “phantasmal trickster.”

  3. Dullahan

  4. Dullakhan: “conqueror of the afterlife.”

  5. Squallfox

  6. Thunderfox

  7. Stormfox

  8. Seabite: “thick bones belie its deftness.”

  9. Seadile

  10. Searex

  11. Moby: “perhaps an object of obsession.”

  12. Rockfin

  13. Tidalwhale

  14. Torchtail

  15. Scorchtail

  16. Musharoo

  17. Wooly

  18. Mammut

  19. Rockoid: “gathers no moss.”

  20. Dynabird

  21. Flamewing

  22. Blazewing

  23. Pteroling

  24. Pterosoar

  25. Gremly

  26. Voltyke

  27. Voltooth

  28. Voltiger

  29. Miniceros: “found in the back of the herd.”

  30. Geoceros

  31. Gigaceros: “stampedes that can flatten hillsides.”

  32. Prickly: “its name refers to its personality.”

  33. Prickster

  34. Grizzie: “deceptively cute-looking.”

  35. Grizzpunk

  36. Grizzex

  37. Flamogaru

  38. Flamurai

  39. Flamogun: “wields fire effortlessly.”

  40. Orcan

  41. Orcoid

  42. Flama

  43. Solama

  44. Joustfish

  45. Rexy

  46. Georex

  47. Pearex

  48. Raptorex

  49. Levi

  50. Leviathan: “from the darkest depths.”

  51. Sizzler

  52. Pyroviper

  53. Tinder

  54. Firemane

  55. Fireheart

  56. Halocat

  57. Halopard

  58. Moogong

  59. Tombguard

“Chopperbug” probably not my favorite Arkadion name, as it really only repeats what we (the players) are seeing. one writers’ staple (that’s a pun! writing staple, get it?) is “show don’t tell” or in other words, lead your reader to the word you want by describing it articulately enough that they get there themselves. this makes a more satisfying reading (gaming?) experience and avoids chopper bugs named “chopperbug” (redundant!) …i might have named this Arkadion something like “Thupthup” (sounds like a chopper, lol) or “Gadget” or “Whirlisect” instead.

  1. Chopperbug: “is it a machine… or an insect?”

  2. Nightfoal

  3. Nightmare

  4. Gargol

  5. Nilo

  6. Nilos

  7. Nilox

  8. Metallo

  9. Metallodious

  10. Cherub

  11. Cherubion

  12. Skullwraith

  13. Prometheo

  14. Yetigo

  15. Sanctolamb

  16. Blackadus

  17. Raioh

  18. Skullrex

  19. Galey

  20. Skywing

  21. Aerowing

  22. Ventowyrm

  23. Bluey

  24. Bluewing

  25. Aquawing

  26. Hydrowyrm

  27. Ashie

  28. Ashwing

  29. Scorchwing

  30. Pyrowyrm

  31. Leafy

  32. Leafwing

  33. Greenwing

  34. Gaiawyrm

  35. Bearfist

  36. Volvoxon

  37. Firequeen

  38. Flamorider

  39. Orcow

  40. Marspin

  41. Mechadino

  42. Nitrobird

  43. Inferneo

  44. Skywolf

  45. Gremknight

  46. Raijin

  47. Nilomoth

  48. Angelon

  49. Shadowlance

  50. Luxknight

  51. Plasmorex

  52. Barricadus

  53. Tremorback

  54. Dreadwolf

  55. Magmawyrm

  56. Typhonwyrm

  57. Omegawyrm

  58. Halochron

  59. Guardiron

  60. Deletroid

  61. Destructor

  62. Arky

  63. Arkwing

  64. Darkling

  65. Necrodrake

  66. Volvon

  67. Krake

  68. Krakar

  69. Krakhan

  70. Saphireon

  71. Greenmane

  72. Greenking

  73. Sluga

  74. Naga

  75. Strato

  76. Stratowyrm

  77. Puffor

  78. Puffoxin

  79. Twiggy

  80. Twigster

  81. Thickskull

  82. Sledgeskull

  83. Scallotooth

  84. Hammertooth

  85. Birdy

  86. Archeonis

  87. Tout

  88. Toucan

  89. Lavaraptor

  90. Vulvacoraptor

  91. Nubis

  92. Anubis

  93. Gryphon

  94. Moji

  95. Megajaw

  96. Megalorex

  97. Samuraice

  98. Snowja

  99. Iceratops

  100. Trizeratops

  101. Subzeratops

  102. Charcal

  103. Charcalynx

  104. Copperhorn

  105. Bronzehorn

  106. Goldenhorn

  107. Volcadog

  108. Volcawolf

  109. Spinoheat

  110. Spinoburn

  111. Spinoflame

  112. Vegikit

  113. Vegilynx

  114. Vegitiger

  115. Minespider

  116. Shisapup

  117. Shisaguard

  118. Minispine

  119. Stegospine

  120. Stegospike

  121. Ninjagust

  122. Ninjagale

  123. Bluecub

incoming: one of my personal favorite descriptions, “black ice” referring to the “invisible” danger on the road and the animal type itself being known as a relatively stealthy predator…

  1. Blackice: “the invisible threat.”

  2. Coldheart

  3. Frillzy

  4. Frillzeon

  5. Cryptwing

  6. Osiriswyrm

  7. Hadepup

  8. Hadehound

  9. Cryokid

  10. Cyroberg

  11. Chillmaiden

  12. Chillqueen

  13. Shadowkit

  14. Shadowstalker

  15. Haniwel

  16. Elmoling

  17. Elmoburn

  18. Pyrobull

  19. Magmahorn

  20. Minoflare

  21. Minoblast

  22. Mossling

  23. Mossgolem

  24. Mandrapod

  25. Mandaroot

  26. Golrock

  27. Gigarock

  28. Plasmoid

  29. Jumboid

  30. Horrorfish

  31. Terrorfish

  32. Garudabird

  33. Garudahawk

  34. Onilad

  35. Oniscar

  36. Cyberdrake

  37. Cyberwyrm

  38. Roosquire

  39. Rooknight

  40. Darkpaw

  41. Bloodclaw

  42. Flaredrake

  43. Infernowyrm

  44. Starleo

  45. Astroleon

  46. Wizpur

though i’m still forming an opinion of the Arkadion itself, one cannot help but absolutely love the name of the pet “Meowizard” lololol…

  1. Meowizard

  2. Felichanter

  3. Felimancer

  4. Penguini

  5. Don Penguini

  6. Pegahoof

  7. Pegasion

  8. Frigateefish

  9. Cruiserfish

  10. Windra

  11. Triphoon

  12. Orbling

  13. Kamiwyrm

  14. Golgem

  15. Golgemios

  16. Lavafang

  17. Hydrablazer

  18. Goldio

  19. Goldius

  20. Moltegant

  21. Lavagant

  22. Octor

  23. Octoneer

  24. Coredrake

  25. Titanwyrm

  26. Metalheart

  27. Ironheart

  28. Scorpiode

  29. Scorpionix

  30. Gearhound

  31. Gearwolf

  32. Cryoling

  33. Cryowyrm

  34. Droneguard

  35. Roidguard

  36. Whirlcore

  37. Vortexor

  38. Zephys

  39. Arborus

  40. Dahag

  41. Vulcarex

  42. Esapid

  43. Deucalion

  44. Tiamat

(post/edit 1: ack! a browser crash! thankfully it recovered my content but maybe it’s time to post what i’ve got before all is lost, lol…)

(edit 2: added a little more. one step at a time!)

(edit 3: replaced “pet” with “familiar” and added yet more descriptions)

… you certainly did a lot of work.

Though… I’m not too sure why you commented on chopperbug but let birdy slide. LOL. Birdy… is just… well…


Can you explain what you mean by hover over? You can’t exactly… “hover over” on iOS games.

On another game, there were, in fact, “monster” descriptions. I really liked it, as it gave us SOME information to base off of when we are writing rather than letting us just wonder, and though it’s definitely good to wonder, I prefer at least just a little inkling of an idea to get me kicking.

Ah, I’d add more but they are mostly irrelevant musings of a silly little bird sitting at a computer

yes, i feel that the “other game” should NOT be something we attempt to emulate. the work of Zigzag is, after all, a groundbreaking project and a category in its own right. on that note: i really enjoy that when an Arkadion evolves, it learns its entire spellset automatically and doesn’t gain abilities depending on its level. that is relatively new for games on this operating system and one of the defining features that gives these games the steam/momentum we all enjoy so much.

muse away! i can’t wait to hear more of your opinions, you’re obviously well-read and well-thought and i’m sure i’m not the only one that wants to hear what’s going on in that avian head of yours.

to answer your question, i didn’t go critical on “birdy” (and a handful of others) because i always prefer to err on the side of “constructive criticism” rather than simply being critical- that is, in any given response or critique, i make a point to say more “good” than “bad” and, if that means i limit the number of critical things i say, so be it :slight_smile:

oh and as far as hovering over: hm, what about “click and hold” or “click and drag” so that when your finger/cursor stays there for an extra moment, you get a (brief? temporary?) popup of some kind? can’t say i’m much of a programmer, myself…

anyway, back to work!

a quick note: here’s an overwhelmingly positive review, only 2 weeks old, which hits all the notes i was going for: a “category in its own right” and not-exactly-a-successor to that “other game.”

“Avian head”? Haha, that made me grin!

I agree, we shouldn’t try to make HI just like another game. However, we should attempt to “borrow” ideas and improve on them. Once upon a time, monster catching games were unthinkable… :>

I see your point about the critiques.

Perhaps the descriptions can be seen on the encyclopedia page… in some empty space there.

Basically, my “musings” is just me wondering if “pet” can be replaced with a different word. I don’t know, they just seem to be… more than pets, yeah?

yes, i find that the word “pet” is used not just in the wiki but also (indirectly) in the game in places. they’re not just “tools” (also, tool carries a negative stigma) but companions that the world appears to revolve around.



“Familiar” sounds pretty. ;>