Favorite DIB strategy?

I’ve played several other similar games with various forms of strategy.  Some lack any strategy at all, Just tap to attack and the stronger monster wins.  Duh!

I am excited to figure out Hunter Island and wondering what everyone’s favorite strategies on DIB are.  

I tried various things but eventually settled on two Morfeus as my starters and a third guy who I was leveling.  One morfeus puts enemy team to sleep, the next blasts them.  Later in my team would come a tank like Spike Monster and my Blademaster. I like tricky strategies, usually, rather than brute force.  

In Geomon there was an attack that made your opponent forget how to use skills. It was my favorite.  Often the opponent would not realize it couldn’t use a skill, try anyway and lose a turn.  It was a bit like the Confuse effect in DIB.

Well normally I would have my 3 dreadnoughts in the front, and I would use their ability to attack all three enemy monsters at once.  That move normally did a one shot so…I was a bit over powered.

I personnally use a lot of glass canons. For those of you who are not familiar with pokemon strategies terms, basically, these are monsters with a very low defense but an incredibly high attack and speed, meaning that you always attack first and you OHKO everything.

That is how I played pokemon XD

That is how I play every Pokemon-like : it’s good enough to beat every NPC in the game and is generally pretty effective on multiplayer as long as you don’t get against any top-level player

Yeah, I always use to only work on one of my pokemon/monsters so I would have one super high levels and the rest were really low levels.

Personnaly, I like to have them all around at the same level, just in case I get in a fight against a NPC that has the exact weakness of my main pokemon

I have 2 orochis and a iron king up front, my stronger monsters in the back.

I kept my weakest monsters in the back X)

Im fond of Teddy and 2 Archangels up in front, such AoE with stun

AoE is always fun :smiley:

nothing says strategy like 2 chaos riders that one-shot anything and 3 dreadnoughts and a bunch of wyrms  

Man, wish I could even get a dreadnought or a chaos rider, LOL.  

Yeah, Geomon had some glass cannons too.  I hope we get some good reflection damage tanks here.  And those that draw attacks to them.  i love that ability to guard my cannons.  :)

Dreadnoughts are amazing :smiley:

Yes but with a bit of practice my chaos riders one-shot everything. I mean everything.

Even blademasters? :o

I one-shorted the time spirit… So yeah even the blade master…

Chaos Rider OP.

I herby vote to ban chaos rider and similar op one-shoting monsters from multiplayer when implemented.

Yeah, mulitplayer would turn into whoever gets the first turn automatically wins.