Dragon fusion

What dragons do you fuse to make omegawyrm and where can I find it if you could a screen shot would be awesome

You need the 4 hatchlings to make an Omegawyrm. There are 4 spots on the path north of Agramis. First spot is Leafy, second spot is Ashie, third spot is Bluey, and fourth spot being Galey. The final forms of Leafy and Ashie make Magmawyrm, the final forms of Bluey and Galey make Typhoonwyrm, and if you combine Typhoonwyrm and Magmawyrm, you get an Omegawyrm. If you don’t already know, the spawn rate for these hatchlings are 0.5% (1/200 chance). Good luck trying to get them!

Which 4 spots

The first four spots

But u need to be on the path

I caught leafy!!

Can you keep walking the four spots or do yo have to go back to the town after the four spots

You don’t really keep walking if you are farming for one. You tap on the first, second, third, or fourth spot repeatedly until you find one of the hatchlings. One at a time though unless you really want to keep moving between the 4 spots. You don’t have to go back to the town after the four spots either, at least I don’t think, but maybe after you catch 1, go back to the town so it saves your progress.