Are we losing innovativation and creativity in teams?

For a while now i’ve been seeing teams which are commonly dominating PvP. It used to be Frostmoroz, cannibalise, Cobra, Terror and Bane 5th.

Now it’s Mecha, Gyo and Celestine 5th with some protectors etc. And one or two others.

There seems to be only a limited number of ways to deal with some set ups and even metas completley. I’m not for one second having a go at the players that use these set ups etc, they’re clearly used because they’re so effective and too much for most players to handle. (Not a nerf thread).

(Stun is an example of this as in my opinion Stun absorbers are dead, so without Lion, Leo or a ton of converters it’s difficult).

Poison is similar. Few mons have toxic killer whereas poison wipes out shields, overwatch, stealth, sleep and even purify is less effective with detox moves.

In short, this PvP I’m seeing similar strats everywhere, but because they’re so hard to handle, so you have to tailor to them. Unfortunately innovation seems to die because of it, which is weird, because we have more monsters now than we ever have done. Any thoughts ?

I was a fan of 10 v 10 at first, but now i’m looking forward to seeing 16 v 16 again for the variation!


people always chase the meta not many people run original teams as they usually are weaker unfortunately


I’d love to see pvp’s where certain things are banned


I hate those dark fl copycats -_-

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I lose a lot to faster Frontline . But who cares unless I’m the only one running that FL. :grin::grin:

But on topic, this thread is most relevant in PvP perspective. Gyo team is most common , boring to fight copycat teams.

I love to counter them :joy:

i juat enjoy being different in pvp

Im still a rebel, in a ever losing battle against the meta lol. Im pretty sure im one of the few if not only person running a mortar pvp team as my main. Praise be to the pay wall :raised_hands:


People see “dark FL” or “gyo FL” and shout meta and unoriginal. The way you build the team count as well you know.

I play a team with gyo at FL this pvp. Never copied anything, and i can 100% say my team is original, as i never seen anyone plays my tactic. Original doesnt means mortar / throw / DR or whatever count as a weaker thing, but how you build it.

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not saying anything bad against those who build there own teams, its just the people who get destroyed and then just copy that team annoy me :joy:


Thas every game in existence


true true

Good job to all those who feel they run innovative teams. I used to run a dark FL which I know no one else was using and it was incredibly successful at the time. But are you able to run an innovative team with it still getting the wins? Or is it one or the other?

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Its pretty obvious to tell people who build there own team and people who copy. Meta always start from someone discovering a good consistent combo/strategy, its not like they wanted to be copied. Meta are developed around a specific strategy, if youre team follows the strategy it doesnt entirely matter what monsters you use to pull it off youre still following a meta. Gyo itself isnt a meta but is part of one. If you use the link water Fl with gyo or the OoO Fl with gyo even if you thought of it yourself youre following the meta since its a common tactic. When people refer to “Gyo Fl” as meta their refering to specific combinations not every Fl with Gyo in it. You cant say a team is unoriginal unless every aspect of that team is copying a meta, so you could argue that every team is original if at some point its different, which is the point i think youre making. When you say people shout “Gyo Fl” and “Dark Fl” is meta its specifically targeting frontlines so it doesnt matter how the rest of youre team is built, the Fl are following a meta. I say this cause the first part of youre statement is contradicting to the point youre making. I agree with the point about teams but majority of Fl are unoriginal and copied.

@Dev_VKC let us trigger our own DRs, that will balance the meta :ok_hand:


To be clear, this post was not about calling out unoriginal players, but more about imbalance where there are a just a few set ups which are simply winners and vastly better. This reduces the creativity two fold-

1 everyone goes to use those few strategies
2 those who can’t must counter hard

As a result, creativity is dying. I do wonder if 10v10 has a lot to do with it, as this makes it the FL battle even harder to overcome to win the game.

@Lucrayzor what do you think?

I actually agree with that :joy:

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Just to throw in this wierd discussion that most people are not even able to copy anything since everybody have a different pool of monsters. So most teams are anyway individual. I dont understand people complaining about why not everybody is a unicorn and still complain about loses :sweat_smile:

I blame 10v10, it’s too restrictive and puts too much focus on the front line. It’s forcing the meta even more than usual. However, there will always be a meta with some copying and others being original. I think over the last 6 months we’ve seen way more variance in teams than we ever saw in the past, thanks to the good design of new monsters and careful balancing of things.

It’s very easy to focus on the current meta and ignore what others are playing but there are always different things around. Slightly less so with this 10v10 season.

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