Anyone else tired?

Of winning a pvp match then saying you got defeated? This is driving me crazy I’ve probably won at least 12-15 in the last two days but it gets counted as a loss

The update will fix that hopefully. Just have paitence. ):

So dnt pvp .

Pvp is the best part. Thank you for your brilliant answer though OX I never thought of that. When is the update supposed to happen?

It actually doesn’t happen to me very often, but I can understand it being annoying. The update should be quite soon now… we’re waiting on Apple at the moment.

Try force-closing your app (but don’t delete it off your device). That works for me sometimes. Good luck!

At least you get to the end Ive got a 100/50 win loss due to disconnects lol.

Out of interest, if your  opponent deliberately disconnects, do they get given a loss? Is their streak broken?

Yes, I am tired. Didn’t get much sleep.

But yeah, my win ratio is cut in half due to disconnects. Just be patient

The pvp has more lag than call of duty.
Everytime im on my 3rd win streak i auto lose.
Had an easy opponent, lost one monste and it freezes as i attack his last guy. DEFEAT.
these updates are slow and honestly more needs to be done to address it. If im not fighting hackers im fighting auto loss matches.

And how is the IAP still being hacked. Apple offers a simple fix to stop this happening to games. Its getting boring real quick.

Since when has an update been fast ? So calm your damn nervous . Just dont pvp if its that much of a problem .

They’re still working out the kinks as they’re new to the multiplayer

Give them time to work it out

All the best things were learned by trial and error and this is no different.

Im just angry at the auto loss when i win. Its annoying im done with pvp till the next update.

That’s fine…cuz the update will most likely be quite soon :wink:

Lol sooner the better. Loved dragon island and love this. Just not the pvp lmao.

yeah, sorry about this guys, all the new features we added are kicking us in the face…trying our best to improve it…

Take your time admin!!!

Tired of these stun teams and Charcalynx