New PvP Bug

Hey guys, last night I updated from a jailbroken iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 8. Just now, I had some free time and tried to play a pvp match. I found an opponent and we both made a few moves. Then, out of no where, the match hangs after I make a move. The ark’s move options disappeared but no animation happened. Just nothing, kinda like how it is when your opponent disconnects. Except this time, a message pops up and says “You have lost connection to the server. You have been given the loss.” or something like that. This happened twice; after the first time I quit the app completely and restarted, but it still happened around the same amount of time into the match.

It’s worth mentioning that I have a good amount of battery and was using LTE with full bars. Everything was working smoothly until it just froze. Could this be an issue with iOS 8? The two players I faced were “Angga Widya” and “Tabaccaiofilosofo” 

This really sucks because if I try again and it happens, I’ll get bumped down to veteran league, where I’ll be stuck for days without a match.


This just happens sometimes, regardless wifi, and battery life. Its just that those 2 things being high help prevent it, but it Still exists. Just be patient with the game, and I noticed that if it keeps disconnecting over and over, just force close the game and don’t play it for a while. When you come back, it SHOULD be normal.

Alrighty. It’s just weird though bc that’s never happened to me. I’m not talking about to lose when you win bug. I mean a legit total disconnect mid game for no reason, with the game telling me I LOST. I’ve had random "lost connection"s before but it never tells me I lost

how often does this happen?

Yea that happened before already. Not new bug, just get totally dc-ed or sometimes even got kicked out to home page during pvp.

I believe this has been reported in the pvp bug section before…