Not sure what's going on

Ok this has happened to me twice now. Sorry if there is another topic on this. Or I’m missing something. But I’ve “won” two games well I thought I had and then it turns around and tells me I’ve been defeated?? Would be 11-0 but now I’m 9-2 not happy. Any words of wisdom to what is actually happening?

Many thanks


It’s a bug that’s been reported multiple times. It’s supposed to be fixed in the update when it’s released, so don’t worry too much about it being a permanent thing.

It’s annoying, but will go away soon :slight_smile:  Hang in there!  I find mine does that when my battery is low…could be coincidence…

So annoying, taken away my streak ! lol. I searched another game afterwards and ended up playing the same person again. Beat him again. But cool thanks for the info chaps